Three Influential Digital Artists Portray the Elegance of Ultra-Premium Brand’s Appliances in Exclusive, New Works

 LG SIGNATURE has partnered with up and coming digital artists, asking them to communicate the beauty and elegance of its luxury products via their own unique visual languages. Santi Zoraidez, Peter Tarka and Andreas Wannerstedt have each produced exclusive artworks that accentuate the brand’s innovative use of technology and striking design, and echo its core philosophy of “Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art.”

Santi Zoraidez

In images featuring the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV and LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, Argentine-born art director and designer Santi Zoraidez plays with notions of interior and exterior, nature and manmade, to accentuate the beauty of the minimalist products. The TV merges seamlessly with a stunning vista of a picturesque inlet while the fridge blends effortlessly with a well-curated room, its premium textured-steel finish illuminated by a spherical light fixture. For the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, Zoraidez has created a scene that evokes a feeling of tranquility, surrounding the appliance with a color palette of soothing natural tones. “I tried to bring simplicity and minimalism together in their most impeccable form,” said Zoraidez.

Zoraidez is a rising artist of this generation, having worked in artistic hotspots such as Copenhagen and Berlin for several years and with key companies that have strong product designs including IKEA and Nike.

To see more of Santi Zoraidez’s beautiful and diverse pieces, please visit LG SIGNATURE’s Instagram and Facebook.

Peter Tarka

Known for his immersive illustrations, Peter Tarka blurs the line between reality and the imagination in his works depicting LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, OLED 8K TV and Air Purifier.

Captivated by the handle-less designs of the washer and purifier, and the elegant simplicity of the TV, Tarka’s moving images highlight the brand’s design philosophy and showcase the liveliness that infuses all of his artistic creations. Each brief, cinematic piece is set in a somewhat surreal home, and features strong color and deftly deployed digital elements that remind the beholder that LG SIGNATURE appliances are anything but ordinary. “By placing LG SIGNATURE products center stage, I wanted to transport the audience into the artwork across all formats and dimensions,” he stated.

Tarka is a globally renowned artist and a recipient of both the Bronze and Silver Cannes Lions awards.

To see more inspiring illustrations by Peter Tarka, please visit LG SIGNATURE’s Instagram and Facebook.

Andreas Wannerstedt

To represent the two drums of the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, Andreas Wannerstedt uses two digitally-generated revolving rings – one positioned vertically and the other horizontally.

The acclaimed Stockholm-based 3D artist and art director strips the appliance down to its most important elements, getting to the essence of the sophisticated washing machine while simultaneously expressing its clean, minimalist design. In another work, Wannerstedt presents the unique innovation that is LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV, drawing attention to its sculptural form and ability to augment any space by placing it in an environment made entirely of abstract shapes. Excited by the opportunity to team up with LG SIGNATURE, the artist said, “I sincerely believe seeking such creative collaborations with contemporary artists like myself is a fantastic initiative from LG.”

Wannerstedt possesses a wide portfolio of work through over 10 years of various partnerships with not only luxury brands including Omega and Swarovski but also popular brands such as Adidas and Red Bull.

To see Andreas Wannerstedt’s captivating artwork in motion, please visit LG SIGNATURE’s Facebook.

These partnerships are not the first time LG SIGNATURE has worked to bring together art and technology. The ultra-premium brand partnered with the acclaimed Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas, creating a unique exhibition on the theme of ‘infinity’ in 2019 and worked with design legend Alessandro Mendini in 2018. In addition, LG SIGNATURE collaborated with famous UK installation artist Jason Bruges and his studio on various different exhibitions for the brand.

To learn more about LG SIGNATURE’s artist collaborations please check out Santi ZoraidezPeter Tarka, and Andreas Wannerstedt on http://www.LGSIGNATURE.com.

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