Klipsch Heritage Groove Bluetooth Speaker Review

Klipsch Heritage Groove Bluetooth Speaker Review


Founder Paul W. Klipsch started to look into designing speakers during the 1930’s when he was at graduate school at Stanford University. It was during his military service at the Southwest Proving Grounds located in Hope, Ark. that Paul W. Klipsch refined his corner horn speaker design. Visitors to his officer’s quarters were amazed by the lifelike reproduction and encouraged PWK to start his own manufacturing business. In 1946, at age 42 and initiating his fifth career, Paul W. Klipsch registers the name Klipsch & Associates and begins selling his Klipschorn speakers out of a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. In 1948, Paul W. Klipsch acquires his first factory building, formerly the telephone exchange building for the Southwest Proving Grounds in Hope, Arkansas, and hires his first employee, cabinetmaker Lloyd McClellan. The first Klipschorn built here is numbered 121. Today, the original factory is the Klipsch Museum.

Klipsch products are never just about the sound. It is the look, the craftsmanship, the style. You can expect the same standard when they launch the Portable Bluetooth Speaker – the Heritage Groove portable bluetooth speaker. We tested the speaker and here is the review.



The Heritage Groove speaker is a beautiful speaker. There are two colors to choose from, Black or Walnut, both models look very stylish and premium. It gives a warm look compare to the normal speakers with plastic or metal finish. “Heritage” is the key word here. The top and bottom of the speaker is made from real wood veneer. The buttons are found at the top of the speaker, made from premium metal. And the rest of the speaker is covered by a grille giving the speaker a classic rock look yet having a modern touch to it. The Heritage Groove speaker feels heavy but feels great in your hands and it is also built very well. Everything is made from top quality materials.


Klipsch Heritage Groove Specification

Speaker System

Power Output   20 W Peak

Drivers  1 x 3″ / 7.62 cm Full-Range

Passive Radiators             2

Frequency Response      65 Hz to 22 kHz


Built-In Mic         Yes

Wired Connectivity

Inputs   1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Stereo (Audio)

1 x USB Micro-B (Power)


Capacity (mAh) 2200 mAh

Battery Chemistry            Lithium-Ion

Battery Voltage 7.4 V

Expected Battery Life     8 Hours


DC Input Power 5 VDC at 1.0 A


Memory Card Slot            None

Dimensions (W x H x D) 6 x 5 x 2.6″ / 152.4 x 127 x 66.04 mm

Weight 2.2 lb / 1 kg

Packaging Info

Package Weight 3.12 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)              9 x 7.75 x 4.5″


You can connect your devices to the Heritage Groove speaker via Bluetooth or AUX. Connection has been pretty good with Bluetooth and devices pair up quickly.


Battery life

The Heritage Groove speaker is rated at 8 hours of playtime on a full charge, which is more than enough.


Sound quality

The Klipsch sound was known for being bright and focused in the upper frequencies. For a speaker this size, it is normal not to expect deep bass. Bass on the Heritage Groove will still come across as punchy and snappy. For mids and highs, the Heritage Groove speaker shines, providing you a level of clarity that you cannot really find in speakers of this size and price. Midrange is detailed and clear, while treble is bright and crisp. Overall, the Heritage Groove speaker gives you a very clean and clear audio experience. The Heritage Groove outshines many speakers (in this price range) with clarity and sparkle.



This portable Heritage Groove speaker can get very loud. Rated at just 20W peak, I was surprised at how loud it could get with little distortions. The Heritage Groove is able to deliver the vocals across with more detail and shine.




The Heritage Groove speaker includes a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. The microphone is pretty good as your voice comes out clear.



The level of detail and clarity is superb for a speaker of its size. The Heritage Groove offers detailed crisp mids and highs with stylish design and top quality. The Klipsch Heritage Groove is a simple and stylish portable speaker. Not only can you blast your music through it, but, thanks to an in-built microphone, you can also use it to take calls. It connects via Bluetooth and has a battery life of up to eight hours. It delivered a room-filling sound with a deep bass and generous volume.


Where to buy

You can buy the Heritage Groove speaker from TC Acoustics



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