Maison 21G Unveils Solid Perfume

Maison 21G Solid Perfume

An Exciting New Way for Active Men To Enjoy Fragrances ‘On The Go’


Bespoke Parisian haute couture perfume house Maison 21G has unveiled a surprising new way for men to experience the brand’s exquisite range of perfumes – in an all-natural, alcohol-free solid perfume housed in a travel-ready compact case.

Maison 21G solid perfumes are not only kind to your skin, and to the planet, but they are perfect for the modern man’s “on the go” lifestyle. The small compact format fits into any pocket, so customers can now take their favourite scents with them wherever they go and freshen up whilst out and about.

These new solid perfumes have the consistency of wax and are made from 100% natural essences and ingredients and are alcohol-free. Ingredients include beeswax, shea butter, and virgin almond oil infused with the customer’s own scent of choice.

Available in solo scents, so that anyone can find their own personal signature scent, Maison 21G solid perfumes are clean products which are kind to skin and cruelty-free with no additives.

80% smaller and 100% smarter, Maison 21G’s range of solid perfumes come packed in a lightweight zamak case with a luxurious sleek finish. The compact case, made from enduring material, incorporates a simple shape with a handy flip lid for easy one-handed opening and use.

Pocket-sized, portable, smart, and perfect for an active routine, these lustrous cases exude allure on the inside that speaks volumes on the outside.

To be applied selectively on neck, pulse points, or lips to nourish the skin and re-energise with one’s favourite scent, Maison 21G solid perfumes have been specially designed for discerning men seeking alternative bespoke beauty products.

They are priced at S$40 for a 4ml solid perfume in a zamak case, and S$15 for a 2ml mini solid perfume in a glass jar.

The solid perfumes are available from Maison 21G’s online store.

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