TaFF Trunks: First-Ever Showcase of Singapore Men’s Fashion at The Cocoon Space

TaFF’s Trunk Show Brings Together an Exciting Collection of Local and Regional Men’s Labels in a Curated, Interactive Environment

Meiko Tailors



TaFF Trunks: Men’s Edition, is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore focused on celebrating men’s fashion, organised by the Textile and Fashion Federation at The Cocoon Space located above Design Orchard. With an increasing interest in men’s fashion and how it has evolved over the past decade, the Men’s Trunk Show will showcase and share stories of local brands and designers, while celebrating menswear, men’s style, and the stylish man.
A VIP preview night took place on Friday 7th February at The Cocoon Space for media, industry experts, influencers, where they will get the opportunity to interact with designers, hear their stories, see and order headline products as well as browse through never-before-seen collections!

On Saturday 8th February and Sunday, 9th February the Men’s Trunk Show continued for fashion enthusiasts and communities. Brands such as Jonathan Abel, B Human, Brass Lion Distillery, Closeknip, CYC, Forbidden Hill, GRAYE, Kerbside&Co., The LAB Fragrances, The Shirt Bar, The Prefecture, Maison 21G, Meiko Tailor, Wet Tee Shirt and Vincitoire will be making an appearance to share more about the fashion and lifestyle scene for the new decade.

Over the weekend, visitors attended a series of curated talks and panels by industry experts and KOLs who will discuss topics such as ‘Black-Tie and the Tuxedo’, ‘Styling the Man’ and ‘Bespoke and the Elegant Man’, to engage communities and highlight the expanding local interest in menswear. There were also opportunities to participate in one of three Perfume Customization Workshops with Maison 21G, and a Gin Blending Workshop with Brass Lion Distillery over the weekend.

TaFF Trunks Edition – A New Series of Curated Opportunities for Local Designers

Following the success of the TaFF Talks held in 2019, TaFF is launching the TaFF Trunks Edition series in 2020. TaFF Trunks: Men’s Edition will be part of these series of TaFF Trunk Shows held every quarter, each with a different theme. Depending on the theme, the event will be organized as either a marketing endeavour similar to the Men’s Trunk Show, or sales-driven opportunity in a traditional popup format.

This series is being undertaken in order to create a unique and impactful experience for local and regional designers and brand owners. The Trunk Shows are a go-to market opportunity combined with thoughtfully curated connections to KOLs and key players in the industry, which will help to promote local home-grown businesses to gain exposure in the market. TaFF also plans to create experiences, activities, talks and workshops to not only complement the brands but to also create a buzzing atmosphere to garner public interest and drive foot traffic to the event. The Taff Trunks series is open to the public, and anyone can apply to participate in the event. TaFF members have preferential rate to join TaFF Trunks.

TaFF’s mission for 2020 is to advance the interests of the fashion and retail industry through advocacy, communications and education.
The next event in the series will celebrate Mother’s Day, with a theme around gifting ideas for Mothers, and is currently tentatively scheduled for 9th-10th May 2020. A Peranakan themed TaFF Trunks is also in the works for an August-September time frame, followed by an event focused on fine jewellery and accessories, such as handbags, costume jewellery, and shoes.


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