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Spring Summer 2020 Woman Collection

The Loro Piana spirit is soft, in every sense. The pervading feeling of lightness is conveyed in ways that involve all the senses: the touch of materials of the noblest kind and the suppleness of engaging textures; the sight of painterly, pleasurable hues; the ease of feminine, natural shapes that follow the body as it moves. Weightlessness and ease convey a sense of harmony and an idea of timelessness, while elegance comes to the fore as an effortless way of being at leisure. These are perennial values, moving from cold season to warm season, getting, if possible, even lighter and softer.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection is a journey of fluid shapes carrying a chromatic excursus from the warm tones of a Mediterranean sunrise to the cold, night notes of an Atlantic sunset. Shades of desert, light pink, sandy dune, Sahara tea, sweet cocoa, ivory, white, light yellow are lit up with touches of Rouille rust red and spring honey to tone down into notes of deep sea blue, starry sapphire, light spring dew and crystalline. This exploration of colour is highlighted by the harmonious accord of textures: cashmeres, Baby Cashmeres, Solaro, silks and linens, materials in only double weaves, double face or soft yarns. Even stripes have a textured touch on jacquard cottons cut into summery interpretations of suiting or easy dresses. The softness of the collection is essentially a feeling that pleases the wearer, allowing the body to be perceived and a gentle femininity to come through.

Loro Piana SS20 Woman_s Collection_Look3

The silhouette is gentle, emphasizing the fluidity of cut and fabric, either tied at the waist with a spontaneous gesture or left flowing in its signature midi length full of grace. Outerwear smoothly envelops the body, elegantly balancing function and shape: trench coats with sleeves gathered and tied at the wrists, uncomplicated field jackets, anoraks and capes trimmed in leather have multiple usages. Deconstructed, buttonless jackets that caress the bust are worn with liquid trousers in a leisurely interpretation of the suit that can have a hint of safari and uncontrived sophistication. The light summer spirit is distilled in an idea of dressing that carries from day to night with the same effortlessness: easy as a shirtdress, a striped dress, a sleeveless pinafore, a caftan; easy as a summer bouclé cardigan worn with a matching skirt, as a knitted anorak or a loose jumper worn with shorts. Knit dressing is focal, creating feminine shapes that are immediate to wear. Ribs, stripes, textures give depth to the surfaces. Zellige patterns cross the collection with a lively feel and a richness of colour that’s just as evident in the woven leathers and in the silk and linen accessories.

This uncomplicated summer spirit and the taste for texture carry on into the accessories: leather sandals and woven babouches; woven satchels; shoulder bags with lock-in closures; Suitcase stripe totes.


Spring Summer 2020 Man Collection

Feeling, not showing is the essence of the Loro Piana ethos. The way a garment feels to the touch and on the body, the perfect balance of noble fiber and easy shapes conveys an idea of comfort that is the ultimate expression of understated nonchalance. Each piece is meant to become one with the wearer, suggesting harmony between the self and the environment, and an en plein air way of living style. Sight and touch are pleased simultaneously, heralding excellence as a quiet form of personal indulgence.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection brings the easy side of elegance to the fore, proposing solutions for city dressing and leisure with equally uncontrived élan, as condensed in the idea of the soft, deconstructed summer suit. Outerwear, as ever, is precise and performing, knitwear is supple. An array of cashmeres, linens, cotton/linen chambray, delavé linen and lightweight technical fabrics come in an organic palette of neutrals, powder blues, light greens with safari shots of tobacco and notes of dark blue. Soft is the byword.

Loro Piana SS20 Man_s Collection_Look2

The silhouette is supple and easy. Tailored blazers as light as shirts are paired with trousers that have a fuller, relaxed volume, defining the idea of gentle informality for the warm season. Blousons and parkas have welcoming volumes and an active feel. The linen overshirt with a safari flavor conveys both a sense of action and a hint of sophistication which is carried into the poloshirts, a pervading presence throughout the collection. Knitwear is central to the offer: vanisé jumpers, textured pullovers, extralight crewnecks. Reversible pieces match the needs of city life, while slim pants with an elasticated hem have a urban feel. Scarves add quirk and personality. The Summer Walk shoes with their signature white sole are featured together with active looking Modular Walk sneakers, further highlighting the informal feel.

The message is one of ease and nonchalance: clothing that lets the person feel well, and then be seen.


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