This Valentine’s Day, spread the love and warm the hearts of your loved ones with the gift of a fresh, youthful glow from CANVAS. Lauded for its luscious concoction of botanicals, the natural and organic skincare brand is sure to impress any skincare aficionado, with the age-defying moisture duo that harnesses the power of nature to create the ultimate elixir remedy for optimum age-defying results. Ideal for all skin types, the Wrinkle Softener and Firming Day Care add an extra touch of luxury to any skincare collection with the aromatic blend of invigorating scents, whether it is your bestie, sister, mum or wife.


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Wrinkle Softener
The Wrinkle Softener is designed with Rose Otto and Pullulan to deliver intense hydration and seal in moisture deep within skin’s layers, smoothening fine lines and wrinkles and leaving skin soft, smooth and silky. Geranium helps to regulate sebum production and increase blood circulation in the skin to improve complexion and even out skin tone.
99.35% natural and certified organic ingredients.

Firming Day Care
The Firming Day Care is a restorative moisturizer powered by six essential oils and one carrier oil, to effectively nourish and regenerate skin for a radiant complexion. Knotweed prevents premature skin ageing and treats hyperpigmentation, while Camellia Seed Oil boosts skin’s moisture levels and helps skin retain moisture throughout the day to visibly plump up fine lines and wrinkles.
93.50% natural and certified organic ingredients.

Availability and Pricing

The products are available in Singapore at (

Absolute Age Recovery
Wrinkle Softener 30ml $132.20

Firming Day Care

15ml $44.70

40ml $99.40





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