RIMOWA takes a fresh look at a favourite piece from its archive for the revival of the RIMOWA Attaché Gold.


A vintage case well-known among brand and design aficionados, the original aluminium briefcase was first favoured by business circles and the aviation industry. And in the 1990s, it took on a new character as a quintessential plot device of Hollywood villains in renowned fast-paced action and spy films.


The new RIMOWA Attaché Gold retains the hallmarks of its vintage predecessor while embracing modern minimalist design. Expert handling of the material can be seen in the smooth polished surface, rounded edges and sharply defined grooves. A metallic combination lock and handle completes the monochrome presentation, casting the case in striking solid gold colour. An auspicious colour for the upcoming Year of the Rat, gold is a long-standing symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.


Just in time for the Chinese New Year, the limited edition RIMOWA Attaché Gold is available in minimal quantities worldwide as a collector’s item for long-time RIMOWA devotees and must cop fashion crowds. Commemorating the Year of the Rat are also collectable sticker sets in rich Chinese New Year red and gold foil stamps. The stickers feature ancient coins, contemporary expressions of the 2020 theme, and the rat that finished first in the race – thus claiming the title of the first sign of the zodiac – atop a pile of golden luggage. Other sticker designs include an overturned Chinese character for fortune to bring good luck, plus a pop art-inspired ‘pow’ sticker as a modern take on traditional Chinese New Year firecrackers thought to ward off evil spirits.


The release of the RIMOWA Attaché Gold is yet another way RIMOWA continues to acknowledge the defining products that have shaped the brand’s heritage. Recently, the classic RIMOWA Attaché was artist Daniel Arsham’s inspiration for his ‘Eroded Suitcase’ collaboration, while a vintage example of the RIMOWA Attaché Gold appeared in the recent ‘RIMOWA Archive Collection 1898 – 2019′ retrospective at Sotheby’s in New York City.


A timely gift to celebrate this Chinese New Year, the RIMOWA Attaché Gold (SG$ 2,500) is available in selected RIMOWA stores worldwide and online at RIMOWA.com.

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