Celebrate the Year of the Rat with Takashimaya’s Spring Festival Bonanza Takashimaya DS rings in Chinese New Year in 2020 with a smorgasbord of festive goodies, décor essentials and auspicious activities #TAKACNY2020


From 29 Dec 2019 to 23 Jan 2020, Takashimaya Department Store (Takashimaya DS) welcomes the return of its annual Chinese New Year Fair with an impressive lineup of 67 vendors both local and international, each offering an assortment of seasonal treats to suit all households and traditions. With the start of a new lunar calendar cycle comes a fresh start to a positive year ahead, especially with the Year of the Rat: A time of new beginnings, wisdom and vitality. In line with this occasion, Takashimaya DS has embraced thematic key visuals that incorporate the primary elements of Oriental fans to symbolise union and happiness, as well as Chinese knots to represent good luck and prosperity.


Auspicious Mix

No gathering is complete without a variety of quintessential snacks to fuel conversations. This year’s Auspicious Mix showcase features the sweetness of nature in the form of dried/semi-dried, seedless persimmons and fruit juices imported from Korea by Abana. Chewy and slightly moist in the centre, these persimmons are jam-packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to make a unique yet healthy and nutritious snack or dessert.



For those who prefer to fill their seasonal snack trays with more savoury selections, do so with Aroma Truffle & Co.’s new products Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Honey Dijon, $10) and Aroma Black Truffle Hot Sauce ($20). The latter is curated from a blend of sun-ripened chilli peppers, smooth-skin tomato puree, natural spices, and the brand’s signature black Italian truffle to elevate your dishes and snacks in an instant.


The Market Place


Home chefs looking to up their game this New Year will discover imported and prime meats, seafood and condiments essential for preparing lavish and wholesome meals. No reunion dinner is complete without On Kee’s supreme abalone delicatessen, which is also available in a full readyprepared poon choi/pen cai(盆菜)version for even greater convenience. Instead of rice, why not opt for wholesome handmade wheat flour noodles from Taiwanese brand Yi Lai Shuen; a healthier and convenient choice with no MSG and preservatives, and more importantly air- and sun-dried instead of fried to ensure optimum freshness and nutrition. Complete the meal with a diverse range of generations-old recipes from Singapore’s Chilli Master as well as Hong Kong household name Pat Chun, which will be presenting two of its newest spiced nuts products at the Takashimaya CNY Fair: Curry Cashews and Spicy Garlic Almonds.


Local & imported treats


Not to be missed are homegrown staples including sweet and savoury pastry creations from established names like Home’s Favourite, Mdm Ling and Baker’s Brew. Also flying the Singapore flag high are novel and niche food products such as durian ice cream from Golden Moments; new flavours of Nonya cookies from HarriAnns; and extravagant seasonal gift sets ($78.88 – $168.88) from Peony Jade. From overseas, we have The Lapis Place presenting their pineapple lapis which is exclusive to Takashimaya only. Other guest-starring brands from various parts of Asia will also be taking part in the Fair, delighting guests by allowing them to savour their signature dishes without having to book a flight out of Singapore. After a successful pop-up appearance at Takashimaya’s Japan Matsuri in October this year, Ichiran is making its appearance once again, giving fans a chance to get their hands on limited edition aromatic tonkotsu ramen retail packs. Additionally, Hong Kong’s famed bakeries Hang Heung and Kee Wah are returning to Takashimaya: The former is bringing its widely sought-after traditional ‘wife cakes’ to Singapore’s shores, while the latter will be presenting nostalgic and CNY themed biscuits in limited edition reusable tins.

Premium selections


After Christmas, the season of gifting continues into Spring with an array of exclusive products available at the Fair. Send your well-wishes for good health to your loved ones by gifting topgrade traditional Chinese medicinal food products from trusted brands. This year, Gano Well is introducing the health benefits of Lingzhi in the form of low-sugar cookies ($32 – $42) to provide a healthier, tastier alternative choice for consumers’ CNY snack trays, in addition to its best-selling organic Lingzhi slices ($298) and related supplements. Celebrating its 65-year-old heritage is Thye Shan Medical Hall, which has curated a series of festive hampers and gift sets ($168 – $688) featuring a mix of the brand’s popular tonics and seafood products. More high-quality, traditional health and wellness products can be found from Wing Joo Loong, offering myriad ingredients required to brew some of nature’s most potent herbal remedies. Alternatively, contemporary tea sets from Pryce Tea or the limited edition Golden Heritage Bloom from NestBloom are bound to impress friends, family and co-workers of all ages with their exquisite packaging and presentation.

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