Seafood Loves Sake Campaign | Mouth-watering epicurean culinary experience awaits the sophisticated diner who is interested in both fine dining and Japanese sake



Till the 30th November 2019, a mouth-watering epicurean culinary experience awaits the sophisticated diner who is interested in both fine dining and Japanese sake. In recognition of the rising influence that sake has on the Singapore market, a 2-month exquisite collaboration between 12 fine dining restaurants and sake is currently on-going to celebrate the unique harmony between seafood and sake.

The campaign successfully started on the 1st October and these renowned establishments have been featuring a myriad of seafood pairing dishes alongside premium Sake flown in from different prefectures of Japan, which were selected specifically to enrich and bring out the best flavours of each seafood dish.
JFOODO, a newly formed organisation within the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), is working with highly-acclaimed establishments including, Beni, Burnt Ends, CURATE, FOC Restaurant, Iggy’s, Morsels, Nouri, Preludio, Punjab Grill, Restaurant JAG, Whitegrass and Zen. With advice from profound sake sommeliers, each restaurant has curated its own set of unique dishes, which is be paired with top notch sake that they have chosen. Majority of the prestigious Sake brands have been awarded at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) Sake Competition, which was first introduced in 2007.
Official website:

With the aim to educate and enlighten locals about Sake culture, it is with hopes that the positive association between seafood and Sake is further established and the position that Sake has in the market can be further elevated. JFOODO is going to conduct additional kinds of promotional activities soon, relating to the pairing of sake and seafood.

“Since Sake was born in Japan surrounded by the ocean, naturally it goes very good with seafood. It has become evident that Sake increases “umami” of food and also covers the unpleasant odour of fish since it contains little iron as compared to white wine. This makes sake the best complement to seafood.
Singapore is a country which has developed into a crossroad of various cultures, the people have discerning palates and are highly sensitive to diverse cuisine. Several top restaurants are going to hold “Seafood Loves Sake” Restaurant Campaign. We would like the people in Singapore to ignite their taste buds and try out the unimaginable combination of seafood and sake.
We believe that this campaign will be the turning point to evolve Singapore food culture. ” said JFOODO Director-General Hiroki Oizumi
Seafood paired with finest Sake
It is commonly perceived that white wine is the best alcoholic beverage to pair with seafood. However, recent studies have shown that this might be untrue. In fact, the unpleasant odour of seafood tends to get stronger with more ferrous ion in wine. Sake on the other hand, is a better pairing choice since it contains plenty of amino acid, which is the source behind “Umami”, the 5th prominent flavour profile alongside “sweet”, “sour”, “salty” and “bitter”. Umami substances play an important role for the perception of the taste of food and these umami substances present in different forms of foods generate synergy. In addition, Sake hardly contains any iron that is responsible for the unpleasant odour when matched with seafood. In one research, DHA which is fat contained in fish was added to wine and sake and the resulting taste was analysed. Sulphurous acid found in wine promotes the oxidation of DHA, increasing the bitterness.
A point in pairing food and alcoholic drinks is “Synchronization”, which refers to the combination of similar aromas and taste. In the case of Sake, it drastically improves the taste by combining different types of umami substance. Seafood contains Inosinic acid, while Sake contains glutamic acid; this synergy of “Umami Substances” creates bolder and more defined flavours.

Sake also produces a “Supplemental” effect by interfering with the fishy-smelling receptors, thus removing the smelly odour we often perceive. The pairing of sake and seafood produces new tastes and accentuate the “Umami” flavour that is otherwise impossible to attain with white wine (due to the lower amino acid composition and higher iron content).

Sake as a pairing drink during meals

It is usually recommended that Sake be drank during meals. Alcohol can be categorized into “fermented”, which is created by fermenting ingredients and “distilled”, created by heating and distilling fermented liquor. Whilst distilled liquor like Brandy, Whiskey, Gin and Rum are suited to be drunk without any accompanying dish, fermented liquor like Sake is suited to be drunk with meals since it increases the umami of food and overs the unpleasant odour of fish. According to a survey in Japan, approximately 70% of people enjoy Sake while having meals.
Official website:




333A Orchard Road #02-37 Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897 9159-3177



“Japanese reinterpretation of authentic French cuisine with Chef’s Table Experience”. béni was awarded Michelin star award in 2016, and has retained the star since. béni hopes to achieve 2 stars this year. béni aims to share the blessings of a genuinely delightful food and drink, combined with impeccable service. The exclusive fine-dining establishment integrates French fine dining cuisine and Japanese produce including the Yonezawa A5 Wagyu Beef from Yamagata prefecture. Guests are brought on an intimate and indulgent gastronomic journey through a series of courses featuring the best of the four seasons served by Chef de Cuisine, Kenji Yamanaka.

Head Chef Kenji Yamanaka
Chef Yamanaka graduated in 1996 from the L’École Technique Hôtelière Tsuji Château de l’Éclair in Liergues, France. He has since built up a formidable gamut of experience with his passion for authentic French cuisines – with a portfolio that includes three-star Michelin restaurants Georges Blanc in Vonnas, France, and L’Osier, where he worked closely with Chef de Cuisine Jacques Borie (who holds the title of Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, usually shortened to MOF), in Ginza, Tokyo; as well as two years at RitzCarlton Tokyo’s Azure 45, an upscale fine-dining venue offering authentic French cuisine. He is also chef-owner of a year-old establishment in Tsukuda, Tokyo, before heading the culinary team at BÉNI. His specialty lies in the preparation of meat dishes – in particular, Wagyu and seafood.


Burnt Ends

20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391

The modern Australian barbecue restaurant is famous for its open-concept kitchen with custom-made grills and oven fired by coal, apple or almond wood. These “four tonne, dual cavity ovens and three elevation grills” heat up to over 1,700 degrees. It is said to be modelled after one that Pynt hand-built for an extended pop-up barbecue event in London. Since welcoming its first guests in May 2013, the restaurant has established itself as an integral part of Singapore’s new food order and the country’s historic Chinatown neighbourhood.

Chef David Pynt
Originally from Perth WA, Dave Pynt comes from a heavy weight culinary background, staging and working under legends such as Tetsuya Wakuda, Rene Redzepi, Victor Arguinzoniz, Nuno Mendes and Fergus Henderson to name but a few.





The Forum, Level 1, Resorts World Sentosa, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269 6577-7288/6577-6688

Winner of Best Dining Experience at the prestigious Singapore Tourism Awards in 2018, CURATE restaurant’s exquisite menu of inventive modern European creations challenges, teases and cajoles your senses. The restaurant is custom-designed with luxurious interiors, and features a magnificent open kitchen and an impressive wine cellar – setting the stage for a multi-sensory gastronomic experience. Four times a year, guest chefs from overseas Michelin-starred restaurants are invited to showcase their award-winning gastronomic art at the restaurant’s “Art at CURATE” dining series. This year sees a stellar line-up of guest chefs renowned for pairing French culinary traditions with Japanese ingredients and influences. The upcoming edition from 1 to 7 November 2019 will welcome chefowner Shinya Otsuchihashi of Michelin-starred CRAFTALE in Tokyo.


FOC Restaurant

40 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059679 6100-4040

FOC Restaurant brought the Barcelona spirit to Singapore back in September 2014 with the aim to give diners an interactive and fun dining experience where one can enjoy authentic Barcelonan food, as well as drinks and wine. The most important thing is to enjoy and unwind, with a good portion of Barcelona-like tapas and great drink in hand. FOC is a meeting spot for friends and colleagues to have some fun after work and enjoy each other’s company.

FOC Group Ambaasador & Culinary Director Jordi Noguera
Jordi Noguera was born in Prats de Lluçanès, Barcelona, Spain, surrounded by a family of chefs who are proud descendants of a rich food history that dates back more than six decades. To say Jordi grew up in the kitchen is an understatement – the Nogueras own and operate a traditional Spanish restaurant, equipping him with over ten intensive years of culinary experience. He served as Executive Chef and Director of the restaurant before starting off on his own as a culinary instructor. Jordi’s culinary philosophy is influenced by renowned Spanish chefs that have renewed and enhanced Spanish cuisine. In Spain, he worked under Michelinstarred Carles Gaig, owner and chef of Restaurante Gaig and Fonda Gaig, Barcelona and the legendary Juan Mari Arzak, owner and chef of Arzak. In 2012, he relocated to Singapore to head Foodbar Dada, combining classic Spanish cooking methods with innovative techniques to create an inventive Spanish tapas menu that centred around the use of a Josper Grill oven. Despite his success, Jordi has not been one to rest on his laurels, constantly seeking to enrich his knowledge and skill. In a dynamic collaboration with one Michelin-starred Chef Nandu Jubany, he now is the FOC Group Brand Ambassador & Culinary Director (FOC Restaurant, FOC Sentosa and FOC PIM PAM), aiming to bring the essence of vibrant Barcelona, giving a 360° authentic experience of everything that this fascinating city has to offer. Jordi has been working with Chef Nandu on recipes and menu items that would be best suited to the Singapore diner’s palate. All the menus at FOC Group Restaurants continue to pay homage to both Spanish and Catalan cuisine with inventive interpretations using refined techniques and quality ingredients.

581 Orchard Rd, Level 3, Singapore 238883 8188-3200


Offering an elegant and intimate gastronomic dining experience, Iggy’s 30-seat restaurant offers a highly seasonal menu that reflects the dynamism of the international culinary scene by way of the Singaporean palate. The menu focuses on using the freshest seasonal produce from Japan and around the world. Established in 2004, Iggy’s has been at the forefront of Singapore’s fine dining gastronomic culture since its inception. Restaurateur and sommelier Ignatius Chan seeks to continuously push culinary boundaries to provide delicious food and wines through his namesake restaurant, Iggy’s.

Culinary Director & Sommelier Ignatius Chan
With over three decades of experience, Ignatius “Iggy” Chan is the mastermind behind his eponymous modern European fine dining restaurant, Iggy’s. He combines his love of highquality seasonal Japanese ingredients, his intimate knowledge of the Singaporean diners and his passion for uncovering cutting- edge culinary trends to create a dining experience that has always been at the forefront of Singapore’s gastronomic scene. He works closely with his culinary team to present modern European dishes with Asian overtones and a focus on seasonal Japanese produce. The award-winning sommelier has also developed Iggy’s extensive wine program that boasts a cellar holding over 25,000 bottles of wines, with special focus of Burgundy, from wineries and winemakers that Ignatius frequently visits and has built intimate relationships with during his travels spanning over 30 years.



25 Dempsey Road, #01-04, Singapore 249670 6266-3822


Surrounded yet almost hidden by the lush greenery of iconic dining destination, Dempsey Hill, Morsels makes her new home rustic barnyard-style. The 40-seater restaurant founded and run by Chef-Owner Petrina Loh since 2013 serves wildly creative fusion dishes which are ingredient-driven, paired with specially curated list of wines, sake, craft beers and house-infused cocktails. New to the outfit is a fourseater by-reservation-only Chef’s Table built into the kitchen, and an open bar with a big book of drinks to please every whim and fancy. In her fifth year, MORSELS moves to a brand new location that is partially tucked away in the green oasis of Dempsey Hill at 25 Dempsey Road in late January 2017. The 1000-square-foot rustic barnyard-style house is a labour of love by chef-owner Petrina Loh, who is a California Culinary Academy graduate of Le Cordon Bleu program. Engaging her green thumb and love of social company, the 40-seater restaurant is almost instantly inviting and cosy employing a simple colour palette, natural materials and personal accents that set the overall relaxing ambience. Hanging plants and tableside flowers soften the hard cement floor while adding life to the open layout room. Repurposed and reupholstered wooden furniture, as well as the walls were repainted to enhance the distressed and weathered qualities resembling barn wood. Four high chairs at the bar face the wines and spirits display wall frame one side of the room, and another four high chairs face the adjacent wall, looking right into the kitchen, marked as Chef`s Table scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of 2017. Exposed roof beams and brick walls mounted with counter tops further reinforce the interior design devised by Chef Petrina. Chef Petrina’s experimental fusion cuisine defies boundaries and ignores attempts at pigeonholing, so to speak. She shares, “I like to work with a variety of ingredients, teasing their natural flavours to release into the mouth a trained frenzy of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami, tempering the temperature and texture, all on one plate.”



Chef-Owner Petrina Loh
A former banker, Chef-Owner Petrina Loh has come a long way after leaving her well-heeled private banking job of 8 years to fully pursue her passion and love for food and wine. Since she graduated from the prestigious California Culinary Academy which runs the Le Cordon Bleu program, Chef Petrina has accumulated a bagful of experiences from various Michelin starred restaurants in the US. Chef Petrina continues her pursuit of fine-tuning her craft by traveling to different regions and countries visiting various restaurants and staging to exchange and learn from other renown chefs. After managing Morsels for four years at Little India’s hidden gem – Mayo Street, Chef Petrina moved the talked about fusion restaurant to Dempsey Hill in late January 2017. Shortly after the move, in March 2017, Morsels bagged two big awards at World Gourmet Summit’s Awards of Excellence 2017 – Restaurant of the Year and Chef Petrina for Chef’s Choice (Western). Recently, Morsels received one star at Wine & Dine’s Top Restaurants 2017.




72 Amoy Street, Singapore 069891 6221-4148


Nouri believes that food does not exist in isolation. All great cuisines are the product of intersecting cultures across time; no food culture would have developed without centuries of movement and collaboration. At Nouri, they study ingredients, techniques, and flavors to identify moments of connection between global food traditions. They innovate from these historical standpoints to produce food rooted in familiar flavors no matter where you are from. That is where crossroads cooking begins. Beyond concept or philosophy, or types of cuisines, Nouri is a place that celebrates people, in all our differences and similarities. A restaurant that nourishes not just body and mind, but the liminal bond between the “you” and the “I”.


Pairing Dish 1
Parsley, Kulim and Hazelnut Fish x Kamoizumi Aged Junmai Ginjo Sachi 1997


The nutty profile of this sake, maximised by its aging in barrels is great compliment to this dish and its hazelunut and kulim profile.



Pairing Dish 2
Scallop Coconut x Keigetsu Cel24 Junmai Daiginjo 50


The aromatics of this highly polished rice in addition to the use of cel24 yeast strain match the highly herbaceous and floral notes of our scallop dish.



Pairing Dish 3
Black Pepper Crab x Shimazaki Junmai Yamahai Uroko




Extended fermentation of the yamahai style creates a layer of acidity that helps balance the richness of our black pepper sauce.


Chef/Owner Ivan Brehm
Ivan leads the team at Nouri. Following several years working in the kitchens of Per Se in New York, Hibiscus in London and Mugaritz in the Basque Country, Ivan joined Heston Blumenthal where he was Development Chef at his Experimental Kitchen at The Fat Duck for 4 years. He is best known for leading The Kitchen at Bacchanalia in Singapore to its first ever Michelin Star in 2016 as the restaurant’s Executive Chef. With a mixed heritage of Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Lebanese, Syrian and Brazilian, Ivan has developed a cuisine as eclectic as his own lineage. His dishes at Nouri integrate influences from around the world seamlessly to produce plates that are both creative and original. Dishes manage to strike a chord of familiarity with flavours that resonate with every diner, irrespective of their background. Nouri showcases an engaging, convivial space where dining becomes a larger and more significant experience; one that transcends the ritual of eating to one of bridging unions and building community.

182 Cecil Street, Frasers Tower #03-01/02, Singapore 069547 6904-5686


Preludio is a contemporary dining concept from Fernando Arévalo that moves with time in orchestrated chapters, beginning with Monochrome. Each chapter directs the creative inspirations involved in every part of the dining experience. Much like a couture house that launches a new collection every season, Preludio will release a new chapter every 12 to 18 months. Preludio does not transform its identity with each new chapter, but uses it to mark our growth with time – like writing a story, page by page, until we begin a new chapter. For its debut, Preludio will open with “Monochrome”, where the restaurant will be inspired in black and white. To remove colour from an object is to strip it down to its fundamental self – everything raw and everything pure. Opening with this rudimentary idea of black and white seemed only befitting for Preludio as it embarks on this unconventional journey.



Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo
Executive Chef Fernando Arévalo, the author of this venture, leads a spirited team of core individuals who engineer, direct and manifest the concept of Preludio. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Chef Fernando Arévalo graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, and began his career in Michelin-starred kitchens alongside iconic culinary artists Daniel Boulud, Bill Telepan and Mario Batali. For the past 6 years, he has been based in Singapore, heading the kitchens of an Italian steakhouse, and a contemporary Mediterranean rooftop concept. Ambitious, creative and driven, he is ready to set on his own path as the head of Preludio’s impassioned and adventurous team.




Punjab Grill

B1-01A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, South Podium, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972 6688-7395

Inspired by the splendour of India’s Maharajas, Punjab Grill, Singapore has been designed to capture the zeitgeist of that era. Singapore-based international architecture and interior design firm, Space Matrix, realised the vision with the abundant use of glass and high-polish metal, combined with plush, upholstered panelling. The glass façade at the entrance of the restaurant gives a full view of the wine cellar. At the private dining area, a glass window offers a wonderful view of the kitchen where one can see the chefs in action at the stunningly designed hand-beaten copper Tandoors. The kitchen view has the backdrop of a full titanium-alloyed wall. The restaurant has a chic and modern take on the glamour of Indian royalty.


Corporate Chef Javed Ahamad
Chef Javed Ahamad, the Corporate Chef at Punjab Grill, Singapore is probably the premier exponent of creating unique Indian dishes for the Singaporean palate. Chef Javed has spent more than 11 years in various Indian restaurants in Singapore and has refined his skills after hours of arduous training and cooking.


76 Duxton Road, Singapore 089535 +65 3138-8477

At the heart of every chef and restaurateur is the desire to create and inspire – To craft food and experience in such a way as to leave you wanting more. Inspired by the beauty and nature of the mountainsides in Savoie, France, 40 indigenous herbs are thoughtfully selected from the region then exclusively flown into Singapore. Every dish at the One-Michelin Starred RESTAURANT JAG is intimately created to highly the distinctive trait of each herb. In addition to RESTAURANT JAG lunch and dinner offerings, a well-appointed bar is also available for cocktail lovers. The Lounge Bar, features a dedicated bar bites menu, a selection of signature concoctions and its interpretation of The Classics. A well-curated Whiskey menu featuring American, Japanese, Irish, Scottish labels is also available. Hand-selected Tequila, Mescal, Gin, Vodka and Rums from boutique distillers are carefully sourced. An impressive wine selection of over 230 expressions and sake selection of 25 expressions are available inviting wine aficionados to expand their palates.

Chef/Owner Jérémy Gillon

Born in 1981 in Deauville, in the northwest of the country and in one of the most stunning seaside resorts in France, Chef Gillon was influenced by food from a young age. At 14 years of age, Chef Gillon started his apprenticeship at a traditional brasserie. The long and hard days were challenging yet played a critical role in motivating the Chef to keep moving forward. Chef Gillon’s commitment saw him rising from apprentice kitchen-hand in 1999 to a pastry cook in just a year. 1 Michelin Star was awarded in 2001 to the prestigious La Cour des Loges where Chef Gillon
was the Station Chef. In 2003 while cooking at Le Chabichou in Courchevel, France, 2 Michelin Stars were awarded to the restaurant.
After close to five years in Singapore, Chef Jérémy Gillon was presented an opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other – to co-own and have complete control over the restaurant’s menu. The heart of the French Alps has always been a source of inspiration for the Chef and at Restaurant JAG, Chef Gillon is introducing his diners to the unique region through his library of carefully sourced herbs. Under his leadership, Restaurant JAG became one of the youngest dining establishment’s to be awarded a Michelin Star at the prestigious ceremony on September 2019.



30 Victoria Street, #01-25, Chijmes, Singapore 187996 6837-0402



Under the helm of Head Chef Takuya Yamashita, Whitegrass showcases classical French fare with a contemporary Japanese twist. Abiding by the culinary principal of “La Cuisine Naturelle”, or “cuisine of the natural body”, Chef Takuya celebrates the essence of each ingredient he works with. Degustation menus of seasonal nature inspired creations pay homage not only to the history of the produce but also to its passionate producers. Located in the historical CHIJMES landmark, the 40-seat restaurant boasts stellar service and a carefully curated beverage list that serves to further elevate the experience of dining in this iconic venue.

Chef Takuya Yamashita
Born in Nara Prefecture, Chef Takuya’s close proximity to lush forests and mountains ignited his passion for nature from a young age. Plans to study forestry, however, gave way to greater love for the culinary arts. While vowing to remain inspired by nature regardless of the vocation, he enrolled in a cooking school in Osaka at 18 year of age and has not looked back since. In 2015, he travelled to Paris and spent 2 years mastering French cuisine at award-winning restaurants, étude and Les Enfants Rouges. Upon his return to Japan in 2017, he was mentored by acclaimed Chef Kazunori Otowa at the 1 Michelinstarred Ciel et Sol, learning to elevate his creations through the clever use of textural components. As he rose through the ranks to become head chef, Chef Takuya played a vital role in managing everything from menu development to guest relations in a restaurant run by a two-man team. As he embarks on the next step of his culinary journey in Singapore, Chef Takuya is excited to take Whitegrass to new heights with a fresh concept and his distinct brand of nature-inspired cuisine that masterfully blends French culinary techniques with Japanese sensibilities.



41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089855 6534-8880



Zén is the sister restaurant to 3-Michelin star Frantzén in Stockholm. The tasting menu is carefully curated and based on both local and world-class delicacies. Guest can expect the finest ingredients sourced from the region and beyond. The gastronomic experience spans three floors in a classic shophouse building in downtown Singapore.

Chef Tristin Farmer
Born in Kirkcaldy on the east coast of Scotland, Tristin attended Glenrothes College whilst working at the historic Peat Inn as an apprentice. After finishing his schooling and working at the Peat Inn for 4 years, Tristin had the opportunity to work for Andrew Fairlie at the two Michelin star restaurant in Gleneagles Hotel. In 2007, his passion for fine food took him to London where he worked at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges, starting as Chef De Partie. His talent, creativity and hard work were soon noticed and he was promoted to Sous Chef and staying at the restaurant for three years. In 2010, he moved to Petrus as Senior Sous Chef, for the restaurant re-launch, helping them to win a Michelin star within a year. Later that year he joined the team of the prestigious three Michelin star Restaurant Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, as Senior Sous Chef. In 2011 Tristin became the Head Chef at Maze by Gordon Ramsay where he led his team of chefs for three years and maintained the Michelin star.

After leaving Gordon Ramsay Holdings in 2014, Tristin joined Jason Atherton`s The Social Company, working at Pollen Street Social, City Social in London and the pre-opening of Aberdeen Street Social in Hong Kong. Following this stint, he took on the role of Chef Patron at Marina Social in Dubai, where he won multiple awards with the restaurant including Middle East Chef of the Year 2016 and 2017. In September 2019, Tristin has joined Frantzen Group and opened restaurant Zen in Singapore as the Executive Chef. This is the only sister property of the 3 Michelin star restaurant, Fantzen in Stockholm. He has been working closely alongside Bjorn Frantzen and Marcus Jernmark to develop Zen’s concept. A blend of both Nordic and Japanese cuisine, restaurant Zen promises to create memorable guest experiences.








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