Launch of latest Google smartphone Pixel 4


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Google Singapore launch their latest line of Pixel smartphones  



Google today announced the launch of the Google Pixel 4, the latest generation of Google’s Pixel smartphone in Singapore. ​From 24 October, Singaporeans will be able to purchase their new devices through official carrier partner, StarHub, retailers COURTS and Challenger as well as the ​Google Store​. The phone will be available in three colours – Just Black, Clearly White and the limited edition Oh So Orange- ​and in two sizes starting at S$1,119 for the 5.7-inch Pixel 4 and S$1,319 for the 6.3-inch Pixel 4XL.

Pixel 4 three coloursPixel 4

The new Google Pixel 4 packs new technology into a new design. It has a camera that captures details that others cannot, a new way to use your phone ​without touching it​, a new Google Assistant, and a fast and responsive display. Best of all, Pixel includes the latest version of Android, which gets better with each update.

Get the perfect photo with Pixel 4  Pixel 4 brings our largest camera upgrade yet. There are now two cameras on the back of the phone, including a new telephoto lens. When you combine this new hardware feature without SuperResZoom software, it gives you exceptional image quality—even from a distance.


Astrophotography on Pixel 4 (2)

Night Sight already takes beautiful photos in full darkness, and now you can use Night Sight for shots of the night sky, the stars, and even the Milky Way (when you find a clear night). Pixel3 and 3a will also get a version of this capability with the latest camera app update.


Starting with the original device, all Pixel phones have HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) which delivers outstanding photo quality. With Pixel 4, you can fine-tune the brightness and amount of detail in the shadows, helping with difficult shots like sunset portraits. Pixel4 also has LiveHDR+ in the view finder so you know exactly what your photo will look like, even when you’re using the new controls in tricky lighting.

A new Google Assistant coming soon   

Thanks to a deeper integration into Pixel4, the Google Assistant is now a faster way to get more things done. Breakthroughs in speech processing mean that more requests can happen right on your phone, without always sending your request to the cloud. It can quickly open apps, search your phone, share what’s on your screen, and more. It also considers the context of your query to do a better job answering. For example, you             can ask the Assistant to “show my photos from Thailand” and then say “the ones in Chatuchak Market.” Then, you can share a picture by saying “send it to Mom.”

A phone that senses what you want it to do  Pixel 4’s Motion Sense feature uses a miniature radar sensor to detect movement around your phone. It can sense when you’re reaching for the phone and will initiate face unlock, or turn off your screen when   you’re not around. New Quick Gestures let you skip songs when you don’t want to pick up your phone. Just wave your hand to snooze alarms, dismiss timers, or silence your phone ringer. Motion Sense is enabled everywhere Pixel 4 is sold, except in Japan where it’s coming soon.


New built-in apps  Pixel 4’s new Recorder app records meetings, lectures, jam sessions—anything you want to save and listen to later—and simultaneously transcribes speech and identifies sounds like music and applause. You can easily search within your recordings to quickly find a specific word or sound. All of this happens on-device. We’re starting with English for transcription and search, with more languages coming soon.

Built for performance and security   

With 6GB RAM, a 90hz display, and Pixel Neural Core, Pixel 4 is fast and powerful. Pixel Neural Core is the engine for on-device processing, always-on computing, and machine learning, meaning more tasks are done on the device for performance and privacy. Pixel 4 also includes Google’s custom-built Titan M security chip to protect your most sensitive data and ensure the integrity of the operating system. Combined with the latest version of Android 10, monthly security updates for 3 years, and access to Google’s advanced security services, Pixel 4 is designed to keep your data secure.


Pricing and availability 

You can pre-order a Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL from the ​Google Store​, Challenger and COURTS, and the phones will be available in stores from October 24. The 64GB variant of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be priced at S$1,119 and S$1,319 respectively, while the 128GB models will retail for $1,269 and $1,469 respectively.

Apart from the Pixel 4, two next-generation devices will soon be available in Singapore as well:

1. The new version of the ​Nest Mini (formerly Google Home Mini), which has two times stronger bass, as well as a smarter and faster Google Assistant experience.

Nest Mini 15

The Nest Mini


2. The improved ​Nest Wifi system (previously Google Wifi) comprises two separate devices: the Nest Wifi router and Nest Wifi point that delivers up to two times the speed and up to 25 percent better coverage. The Wifi point also comes with a speaker with Google Assistant which means it can do everything that Nest Mini can do.

Nest Wifi 21

The Nest Wifi




The Nest Mini will be sold for $79 on Google Store, Challenger and COURTS starting from 23 October.

The Nest Wifi router ($229) and Nest Wifi point ($199) will also be made available later from the same  retailers. Join the wait list on the Google Store to get the latest updates.

Google and sustainability  

The Nest products are built with recycled plastics, and the shipping of all Made by Google products is now 100 percent carbon neutral. This is in line with Google’s ​sustainability commitments for Google hardware which integrates sustainability from design to manufacturing to shipping to reuse.



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