Calling out all seafood lovers! Fresh from the ocean to your plates, look forward to alluring treasures of the sea from award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant will be whetting guests’ appetite with its irresistible à la carte seafood creations from 2 to 31 October 2019.

Sauteed Boston Lobster with Japanese Mustard Light Soya Sauce

Strike gold with the Steamed Lobster Rice Noodles with Kombu Light Soya Sauce (昆布龙虾肠粉). When it comes to prized crustaceans, nothing quite beats the classic way of a steamed lobster – the sweet, firm, succulent meat of lobster, alongside with light and perfectly chewy rice noodles. Steamed to perfection, this delicious gourmet treat is paired with refined fragrance of Kombu Light Soya Sauce that enhances the natural sweetness of the lobster. Known for its health benefits, Kombu is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The overall flavour of this dish is simply light and packed with nutrients that will have your taste buds singing for more.

Adding on to the net of prized crustaceans is the Sautéed Boston Lobster with Japanese Mustard Light Soya Sauce (芥末酱油香煎波士顿龙虾). Succulent and decadent, enjoy the delightful texture as you bite into the Sautéed Boston Lobster paired with Japanese Mustard Light Soya Sauce. The Japanese mustard light soya sauce enhances the natural sweetness of the lobster.
Dim Sum are an integral part of the Cantonese dining culture and they form the first impressions to stellar dining experiences. Excite your palate as you sink your teeth into Steamed Abalone with Glutinous Rice Siew Mai & Chinese Sausage (鲍鱼糯米烧卖). Considered as one of the most coveted delicacies of the sea, the steamed abalone features a sweet, chewy and firm texture that is paired with Chinese sausage that boasts an emulsified texture and taste of a meat candy. The pairing is simply irresistible.


Double-Boiled Fish Maw with Papaya Superior Stock
Lovers of hot and spicy “Mala” may find yourself falling in love with the Sautéed Fish Maw with Stem Lettuce & Szechuan Pepper Sauce (麻辣花胶煲). Your senses will be ignited by the aromatic mix of Szechuan spices, intermingling with Sautéed Fish Maw and Stem Lettuce. Let’s not forget that satisfying, spicy kick.


Braised River Prawn with White Pepper Sause in Claypot
Another seafood delight in the spotlight is the Double-Boiled Fish Maw with Papaya Superior Stock (万寿果浓汤炖 花胶) that showcases rich superior stock The soup is packed with ingredients and boiled for long hours, making it extremely rich,flavourful and nutritious. Irresistibly tantalizing with a robust taste of every bite, the Braised River Prawn with White Pepper Sauce in Claypot (白胡椒砂锅野生河虾) and Braised River Prawn with Salted Egg (黄金 焗野生河虾) entices with the sweet sensation and juiciness of the river prawns.

For all-round sea-filled deliciousness, continue the voyage with Wok-fried Rice with Boston Lobster & Sea Urchin (海 胆波士顿龙虾炒丝苗). With the right heat, this luxurious dish might make your heart skip a beat.

For reservations, please visit http://www.singaporemarriott.com/dining or call 6831 4605.

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