Calla Lily’s 30-piece Bloom collection boasts the same playfulness of its signature designs, and can be combined with existing modular bespoke pieces



Homegrown bespoke fine jeweller Calla Lily has launched Bloom, its first ready-to-wear capsule collection of earrings, rings and neckpieces, to mark its first year.

“In addition to giving clients the option of acquiring a piece they like right away, Bloom allows owners of Calla Lily’s modular designs to play with their existing pieces,” explains Emily Tan, the brand’s founder and creative lead.

Calla Lily’s signature creations can stand on their own or be combined with other pieces to create new looks.

“We’ve always had showpieces to show clients how to play with their jewellery, as well as to inspire ideas and demonstrate our finishing. Some were simply experiments, yet our clients had a strong interest in them. Bloom is an extension of that,” Emily explains.

As a collection, Bloom is a celebration of the natural beauty of the gemstones combined with the harder lines and structure of architecture.

The result is a distinct selection featuring aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds, garnets, rubies, sapphires, spinels, and tourmalines.


Marrying solid craftsmanship and artistry, gems take centrestage in this dazzling and versatile collection. On the premise that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to beauty, Calla Lily’s designs allow wearers free reign to transform every piece with the addition of diamond jackets, Mandarin garnets, silver Tahitian pearl drops, or even multi-gem gold wands.

Copacabana Earrings_01.png

Modular designs not only mean being able to create pieces that are unique, but also allow clients to creatively build a fine jewellery collection, one piece at a time. Epitomising this versatility are the Copacabana studs, inspired by fireworks and sunsets. The modular drops add different degrees of dramatic detail.



Octagonal rings_01

Designed to be layered and stacked, Calla Lily Fine Jewellers’ Octagonal Stack rings play off the angular cuts of gems and the contrasts of the candy-like colours of grey spinels, rubies, aquamarines, emeralds and diamonds. The Octagonal Stack rings are available in natural white, white, rose and yellow gold, and with solitaires or without.

A  playful and feminine take on a simple band of diamonds is the Tulip Stack in white gold. Twelve small but perfectly cut diamonds set in an irregularly shaped band adds a dynamic and elegant twist to the classic eternity band. It can be worn on its own or paired with the Lavender Ribbon Ring.

The Lavender Ribbon Ring features a gorgeous cushion cut lavender spinel set against a band of twenty-seven diamonds, and is reminiscent of a ribbon set in motion by the wind. The rings retail separately at $1,880 and $5,980 respectively, or cost $6,980 as a set.





Designed to play off the contours of the female décolletage, a versatile necklace of white sapphires on a garland of white diamonds can be worn both front-to-back and back-to-front for entirely different looks. It suits any neckline or style. The necklace retails at $6,200.

The Calla Lily Bloom collection – and other bespoke options – can be viewed by appointment at Calla Lily Fine Jewellers’ atelier. Contact Emily or Anita via email at or call/Whatsapp at +65 9772 9392.










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