The Balvenie Welcomes James Cordiner As Brand Ambassador for Southeast Asia To Spread the Brand’s Unique Craft and Culture in The Region

The Balvenie today announced the appointment of James Cordiner as its new Brand Ambassador for Southeast Asia. Born and raised in Speyside, Scotland’s famous single malt whisky region, the 27-year-old whisky aficionado is well primed to take on his new role promoting the drink he is so passionate about.

The Balvenie_James Cordiner 2.jpg

Speyside – where James grew up – is host to over half the distilleries in Scotland and has the greatest concentration of malt whisky producers in the world. Having spent his entire life steeped in the deep history and culture of the whisky community, James naturally gravitated towards the whisky industry.  He started out as a tour guide at renowned distilleries, then progressed to work as head bartender and VIP hospitality supervisors in some of the most iconic bars and distilleries along the whisky trails of Speyside.

James is also well-qualified in the academic aspect of the whisky world. He sat for the General Certificate in Distilling in 2013, was awarded a distinction for the WSET2 exam in 2016, and is in the midst of obtaining a Master’s degree in Brewing & Distilling with Entrepreneurship at Heriot Watt, which he will earn upon completion of a scientific research project with William Grant & Sons. Like a well-crafted whisky with different elements coming together, the marriage of whisky knowledge, the science and business elements, and James’ outgoing personality gives him great authenticity and credibility to take on the coveted ambassadorship.

“James’ deep ties to the whisky community, appreciation for whisky craftsmanship and affable personality make him a natural fit for the brand. He possesses the perfect blend of experience, extensive knowledge and fiery passion for whisky to succeed in his new role,” said Global Brand Ambassador, Gemma Paterson. “We look forward to building on the stories of The Balvenie as we enter a new chapter in Southeast Asia, with James as brand ambassador for the region.”

In his role as Brand Ambassador, James will travel around Southeast Asia to share his deep love for uisge beatha (whisky in Gaelic) and work closely with consumers, bars, restaurants and press in the region to cultivate awareness and appreciation for The Balvenie’s handcrafted story.

“I am excited to take on a new role which allows me to put my knowledge and creativity to good use sharing my passions with whisky fans around the world. The Balvenie is a revered brand that I have always aspired to work with, and I am honoured to be part of the team,” says James. “I can’t wait to visit some of the world’s best bars in Southeast Asia and explore the different cultures and countries along the way. I look forward to embarking on this new journey and sharing my passion for whisky in general and The Balvenie handcrafted single malts in particular.”

James joins an established panel of fellow “Balvenizers” from around the world who connect whisky fans to exquisite handcrafts of The Balvenie distillery.

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