Far East Hospitality, Singapore’s leading operator of hotels and serviced residences, today announces the company’s first property in Japan, the names of two hotels under the Hotel Management Agreement (HMA) in Vietnam, and a five-month business update on the three new hotels in Sentosa.

The first Village brand property outside of Singapore Set to open in Q2 of 2020, Village Hotel Ariake Tokyo will be the first hotel under the Village brand to expand its presence outside of Singapore. Owned under a 50-50 joint venture between Far East Hospitality and Far East Organization, the 306-key hotel is in the Ariake district, located in Koto City, eastern part of Tokyo.

1. Village Hotel Ariake_facade

[Photo: Artist’s Impression of Village Hotel Ariake Tokyo – Far East Hospitality’s first Village brand property outside Singapore]


“Japan’s hotel industry is seeing a steady growth in demand, specifically from the mid-tier market in neighbouring countries. Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we see this regional expansion as an opportunity to raise brand exposure in this major international gateway city,” said Mr Arthur Kiong, Chief Executive Officer of Far East Hospitality. “Japan is also known as one the most family-friendly destination in Asia which resonates well with the Village brand DNA.”

Located near the waterfront area of Ariake, Village Hotel Ariake Tokyo targets the local business community and leisure markets. In the vicinity of the hotel is Tokyo’s historic landmark, Toyosu Market, the world’s largest wholesale seafood and food market.

Guests can also take a walk to Tokyo Big Sight, one of the country’s premier exhibition arenas and convention centres, and explore the Ariake Arena, one of the venues hosting the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The arena is located diagonally across Village Hotel Ariake Tokyo, and will be hosting sports events and concerts after the Tokyo Olympics. Tokyo Disneyland Resort is also a short car ride from the hotel.


Far East Hospitality announces the names of new hotels in Vietnam

2. Hotel Reve - Signature Room

[Photo: Artist’s Impression of Hotel Rêve – the Indochine-inspired boutique hotel to be managed by Far East Hospitality under the Hotel Management Agreement with Five Elements Development in Vietnam]


Far East Hospitality signed a Hotel Management Agreement with Five Elements Development to manage two boutique hotels in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in April this year. Under the agreement, these hotels will be named as Hotel Rêve and Suzu Hotel.



3. Suzu Hotel - Reception

[Photo: Artist’s Impression of Suzu Hotel, the second boutique hotel to be managed by Far East Hospitality under the Hotel Management Agreement in Vietnam]

Hotel Rêve, a 56-key property, takes inspiration from Le Cong Kieu street – the oldest art and antique street in Vietnam that is reflective of the Indochine era.



Suzu Hotel is located in Vietnam’s Japan Town. The property’s name is derived from the Japanese Suzu bell that is traditionally believed to attract good fortune. With a total of 30-keys, Suzu Hotel will house an onsen, omakase restaurant, and tatami rooms.

Both boutique hotels are slated to open in the first half of 2020 and will target the affluent, adventurous travellers from key target markets of China, Australia and the United States.

Home ground commitment While Far East Hospitality continues to expand its international footprint, the homegrown organisation has not forgotten its roots. It remains committed to growth on the home-front for the growing mid-tier market demands.

In April 2019, the company launched the Village Hotel Sentosa and The Outpost Hotel Sentosa as part of the company’s local expansion.

The Village Hotel Sentosa targets the mid-tier sector which includes travellers from regional and international markets and Singaporeans looking for a family weekend getaway. The property is also an ideal location for business meetings, networking events, as well as company retreats.

On the other hand, The Outpost Hotel Sentosa exclusively caters to adults and targets couples. The hotel’s design draws inspiration from the colonial black and while suite, accentuated with wood and natural blends. The hotel will officially be opening its exclusive rooftop pool by Q4 2019.

Since the launch, occupancies for the Village Hotel Sentosa and The Outpost Hotel Sentosa have been steadily increasing. Singaporeans make up 20% of room bookings while 80% are from international markets, with China and Australia contributing significant shares. Far East Hospitality expects bookings from these international markets to continue to grow rapidly in the coming months.

4. The Barracks Hotel_Premier Room_King

[Photo: Far East Hospitality’s latest Sentosa property – The Barracks Hotel Sentosa – opening at the end of 2019]


The third hotel of the Sentosa precinct, The Barracks Hotel Sentosa, is slated to open at the end of 2019. Housed in a military outpost from 1904, the property has a total of 40 colonialstyle rooms and offers exclusive pool and jacuzzi access for guests.

Looking ahead, the company will be launching a new brand – The Clan Hotel. Slated for opening in Q2 2020, the 324-room property will cater to affluent and tech-savvy business travellers in their late-20s to mid-40s who are drawn to hotels with compelling stories.

For more information, visit http://www.StayFarEast.com

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