Bank Art Fair returns to Singapore for its 5th Edition

Portrait of a girl with red clothes_80x100cmNam Phuong_A Bali girl



Following the success of the Singapore Bank Art Fair 2014 & 2015, the internationally acclaimed event will return to the sunny shores for the 5th installment. Running from 6th to 8th September at the opulent Shangri-La hotel. Billed as one of the most highly anticipated art events in 2019, the fair presents bigger exhilarating galleries.

Curated by founder Tomy Kim, Bank Art Fair 5th Edition at Shangri-La hotel features the works of 200 established and emerging artists from galleries from 10 countries.

Art aficionados will have the opportunity to take home some of the creations on display, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

Event Details

Venue : Shangri-La Hotel Singapore (Garden Wing Level 3 & 4) 22 Orange Grove Road Singapore 258 350

Dates: 6th to 8th September 2019

Time: 1pm to 8pm

Admission : Free admission 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm S$ 10 (3:00pm onwards)



Artists Highlight

Lee, Doo-Shik (South Korea) One of the most important and influential artist in South Korea, Lee’s abstract paintings with dense colors over fine lines explore traditional oriental painting techniques. Lee’s painting are based on Korean colour theory of Oh Bang Saik with its five primary colours (red, blue, yellow, black and white). With numerous exhibitions in Asia, America and Europe, Lee was also the official commissioner of the South Korean foreign Ministry for Art Affairs.
Kim, Byung-Kyu (South Korea) Using interesting combination of stainless steel and stone, Kim Byung-Kyu’s sculptures explore urban daily life reflected by mass-factories, department stores, media and more. The artist’s elaborated installations and sculptures can be spotted all over South Korea and Asia.

Kim Kyung Min (Korea) Well established female sculptor in South Korea where the industry is mostly dominated by male sculptors, Kim’s work reflects on the competitive and struggling modern life while injecting cheerful colors and humor details. Her sculptures can be seen on the streets of Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, as well as national Museum of Art in Seoul.

Kim, Sung-Bok (South Korea) With 21 solo exhibitions, Kim, Sung-Bok has showcased his works across South Korea, Japan, China, Australia and USA. Kim is also a professor of Art at Sungshin University.

Park, Jin-Woo (South Korea) Vice Chairman of Mapo Art Associations in Seoul, Park started at a tender age of 15. Park has exhibited his works in South Korea, Japan, Myanmar and USA.
Cho, Hye-Yoon (South Korea) An M.A graduate from Gyeonggi University, Cho is known for her vibrant Asian girl character painted in western style. Cho has previously collaborated with beauty brand Cosmetea.

Romero Britto (Brazil) One of today’s most celebrated artist, Britto’s iconic bold patterns is a reflection of his optimistic view of the world around him. Britto has exhibited his works across 100 countries, won prestigious awards and collaborated with brands such as Audi, Bentley, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Evian and Hublot. Britto’s Merlion at Sentosa is also often regarded as the prettiest version on the sunny island.

David Gerstein (Israel) Award-winning contemporary artist, David Gerstein wears many hats – painter, sculptor and illustrator and is best known for his vibrant colour use and distinct multilayered cutout steel post-pop art style. Gerstein is also the creative mind behind Singapore’s monumental 18.5 metre tall public sculpture – “Momentum” situated in the heart of Raffles Place.

Andres Lobato (Spain) With his first painting sold at the tender age of 18, Lobato’s abstract paintings are an expression of his emotional energies on the canvas featuring intense colour use.

Ronald Castrillo (The Philippines) Considered as one of the premiere sculptors of his generation, Castrillo’s manipulations of metals such as brass, bronze, steel and iron are most admired in in the Philippines.
Chang Ching (Taiwan) An awarded artist, Chang’s works depicting nature and landscapes have travelled many exhibitions across Asia. Chang is a recipient of the honor of National Sculpture Category, “Taiwan’s House of Workmanship”.

Dedy Sufriadi (Indonesia) Throughout his career, Sufriadi has perfected his own language with his painting by combining different discipline, words and imagery. His critically acclaimed pieces are highly awarded across the world including Finalist in Winsor & Newton Art Competition in 1998, Nokia Art Award in 1999 and Phillip Morris-Indonesia Art Awards in 2000

Made Wiradana (Indonesia) Previously assuming the title as the Head of The Sanggar Detawa Indonesia Organization of Modern Artists from 2000 to 2002, Wiradana’s works explore contemporary figurative style with primitive aspects.

Nam Phuong (Vietnam) A collective studio, the artists at Nam Phuong focus on oil paintings that has exhibited internationally to promote the beauty of Vietnamese art and culture. Sei Kawaguchi (Japan) With 48 solo and countless group exhibitions across US, Korean and Japan, Kawaguchi paintings are installed permanently at Cincinnati Art Museum (USA), The Insei Art Museum (Korean), Nagaoka City Library (Japan), Tikotin Museum (Iserael) and many others.

Sirichai Pummak (Thailand) Winning second prize at The First Art Exhibition of Southern (Taksin) Youths and Bronze Medal (Traditional Thai Painting) at the 30th Bualluang Painting Exhibition, Punmak’s work has travelled across Asean countries. Punmak is currently Assistant Professor at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna.
Sei Kawaguchi (Japan) With 48 solo and countless group exhibitions across US, Korean and Japan, Kawaguchi paintings are installed permanently at Cincinnati Art Museum (USA), The Insei Art Museum (Korean), Nagaoka City Library (Japan), Tikotin Museum (Iserael) and many others.

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