Johnnie Walker Gold Label wants every Singaporean’s Vote to Find the Next National Iconic Cocktail | 23rd August 2019, Friday at Neon Pigeon

Johnnie Walker Gold Label wants every Singaporean’s Vote to Find the Next National Iconic Cocktail


This August, Johnnie Walker stirs things up inviting Singaporeans to be a part of history to find the next national iconic cocktail.  Johnnie Walker Gold Label Presents: The Search for Singapore’s Next Iconic Cocktail is a competition that brings seven leading bars together to showcase their interpretation on a truly Singaporean tipple.


On the 23rd of August, Johnnie Walker Gold Label rallies all Singaporeans to head down to Neon Pigeon to vote for the next cocktail that best represents the country. Crafted by some of the best in our local cocktail scene, all seven concoctions not only bring to life the uniquely Singaporean flavours, but also pays homage to the rich history of our nation.

Singapore Heatbeat_1

Singapore Heartbeat, Anti:dote


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Fresh Lemon Juice, Hazelnut Syrup, Rose Syrup, Ginger Beer

Garnish: Ginger Flower


In My Heart pays tribute to the Samsui women integral to Singapore’s development.

Singapore Lemak Highball_1

Singapore Lemak Highball, Jekyll & Hyde


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Passionfruit Syrup, Pineapple syrup, Calamansi, Coconut Pandan Soda

Garnish: SingLong Nasi Lemak Sambal & Deep Fried Anchovies with Peanut


A reinterpretation of the quintessential Singaporean dish – Nasi Lemak, bridging all races together.

Singapore Milk Punch_2

Singapore Milk PunchFat Prince


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Hibiscus Tea, Cultured Milk, Sweet and Sour mix (Honey and Lime Juice)

Garnish: Lime and Hibiscus


Singapore Milk Punch draws inspiration from Singapore’s history of being a trading port, where alcohol and hibiscus were traded substantially.

Singapore Breeze_2

Singapore Breeze, Alchemist Beer Lab


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Pale Ale Syrup, Fresh Guava Juice, Ginger Beer

Garnish: Sacred Bamboo Leaf


A refreshing cold brew – incorporating the technique of mixed drinks and classic beer – and the perfect drink to reach for in response to Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Singapore Gold and Green_2

Singapore Gold & Green, Jigger & Pony


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Singapore Floral Liqueur, Soda Water


Gold & Green is inspired by Singapore, the Garden City, with the addition of local elements such as Orchid, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang.

Singapore Spritz_1

Singapore Spritz, The Monarchy


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Brewlander Love Wild IPA, Pandan-Lychee Cream Soda


A reimagination of the very Singaporean classic breakfast spread – Kaya.

Singapore Encore_2

Singapore Encore, Tippling Club


Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Rojak Cordial, Tonic

Garnish: Cucumber


A take on the classic whisky highball inspired by Singapore’s melting pot of cultures and traditions.


The complete complimentary taster kit featuring all seven cocktails will be limited to the first 200 guests, where each individual will get two chances to vote in their favourite. Doors will remain open after to all guests who wish to stay on or for the curious onlooker – to simply partake in the celebrations. Throughout the night, full-sized versions of all seven cocktails will be available for purchase. Imbibers will get the chance to commemorate the special evening with glitter tattoos, and are encouraged to strike an audacious pose at Instagram worthy spots within the space.


When the winner is crowned, all will get the chance to raise a glass of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Highball at the end of the evening, as they witness history in the making – the ushering in of the new Singaporean classic.

Event Details

Date: 23rd August 2019, Friday

Time: 7.30pm doors open, complimentary sampler set of 7 cocktails for first 200 guests

Location: Neon Pigeon, 1 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089109


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