Hotel Soloha – New boutique hotel in the Keong Saik neighbourhood set to capture the hearts and imaginations of many




Hotel Soloha, a 45-room boutique hotel nestled in the rich cultural neighbourhood of Keong Saik, is the newest bolthole for dreamers and adventure-seekers.


For Hotel Soloha Founder Josh Hu, it was his desire for adventure and creative expression that created the dream that is Hotel Soloha. He says, “The Keong Saik neighbourhood has been a characteristically distinct destination that appeals to both residents and the international jetset. We wish to be part of the scene and contribute to its character and personality, creating a vibrant technicolour dream space where guests would feel comfortable in.”


Hotel Soloha invites its guests to embark on a journey of discovery. ‘Soloha’ combines ‘so’, an expressive portmanteau that emphasizes the idea of ‘to such a great extent’ and ‘aloha’, the catchy Hawaiian greeting that is about living life.

Hence, to be Soloha essentially means living an expressive, #yolo life filled with superlatives. Whether you are on an adventurous journey or a weekend getaway, there is always an opportunity to experience Soloha.


While retaining the old school glamour and charm of a shophouse, Hotel Soloha prepares the expectant visitor of its artistic concept with a fresh, contrasting white and blue façade.

As guests walk through the hotel’s wooden panel doors, they are greeted by the bar reception. The reception counter that doubles up as a technicolour bar acts as the centerpiece that ties the rest of the hotel’s urban jungle chic aesthetic together. The wall’s bold colours juxtaposed with earthy, tropical elements like palm leaves shouts tropical modernism at its best.
Attention may be particularly drawn to its 3m wide pop art mural by local artist, Ethrisha Liaw. The mural, along with her artwork in the guest rooms, revolve around the central theme of ‘play’, exploring tropical sensuality through the use of pop gradients and uncanny visual textures to create a sense of dynamic movement.

The forest theme of the hotel is further emphasised through a 13-metre high painted art piece by local artist Danielle Tay installed in the lift shaft. The artwork, aptly named ‘Spirit of the Forest’, seeks to take guests on a journey of curiosity and adventure in a mystical forest as they ride the elevator.

The artwork was painted on eight individual panels, each comprising interpretations of the four tropical rainforest layers. Inspired by the distinctiveness of every traveler’s experience, each layer has its own surprises – with a soaring parrot emerging through the forest at the top, a proud peacock perched on a pineapple and mushrooms in the centre, and an elusive leopard casually lazing and gazing at its onlookers closer to the bottom.

Next to the lift are distinctive wooden medicinal boxes that showcase Singapore’s homegrown jewellery designer Eden + Elie and beautifully curated wood, bronze, glass and ceramic Japanese homeware and tabletop accessories.

As guests make their way to their rooms, they will notice that each floor is fitted with its own neon spirit animal sign and complementary custom-made printed carpets. Gentle whispers of the rainforest are also played over the sound system, adding to the curious and adventurous ambience.


The Hotel offers five types of rooms – the standard, superior, deluxe, loft and suite – with deluxe rooms starting from $250++ per night.


At Hotel Soloha, details matter. Upon entering the room, guests are immediately greeted by its warm and inviting elements such as the veneer wood panels or grey-cosy wallpaper, a classic rattan chair, and bright pops of colour added by the bright orange headboard and experimental collages by local print designer, Ethrisha Liaw, beautifying its walls. Furthermore, a plush 30cm-thick mattress allows for restful sleep for both light and heavy sleepers, with ample storage space beneath the bed for up to three large suitcases.

Guests staying at the Hotel Soloha can expect amenities that cater to the social nomad. The Smart Room Control Unit in every room allows guests to manage lighting and air-conditioning with the press of a button. A variety of preset light settings from ‘party’ to ‘romantic’ give guests the luxury to create the ambience they desire.

Not only does the hotel offer a Smart Cable TV armed with cable and paid channels, and access to YouTube, Netflix and Spotify – perfect for a long night’s binge on one’s favourite television series – but it also includes HDMI outlets on the headboard and a generous number of universal sockets for power professionals that need to step aside to respond to a work email.

To wash away the grime of the day’s adventures, guests may be pampered in the bathroom with its patented Hansgrohe Raindance shower, figured glass panels, a magnifying vanity mirror, and the hotel’s in-house toiletries, including lemongrass shampoo and lavender body wash.

Guests checking in with their families or in bigger groups may opt for the loft or suite. While the loft, located at the upper floors, includes two double beds and a high ceiling for added space, the suite opens out to an outdoor garden with a bathtub and a view of the street scene and hotel courtyard. Guests may book several rooms surrounding the courtyard and enjoy full privacy of the space, perfect for evening gatherings.


Event spaces are also available for booking. The Hotel offers a bar & lounge, F&B space, and courtyard. The games room, equipped with its very own table tennis table, doubles as a meeting room.


Step into a Wes Anderson-inspired dream decked out with comfy indigo and blush pink velvet and rattan sofas, terrazzo tables and fresh flowers at the newly-opened fusion ramen establishment Takeshi Noodle Bar, located right within Hotel Soloha. Takeshi offers three types of ramen – Sliced Wagyu Beef with Truffle Iberico Tonkotsu, Honey Roasted Iberico Pork with Burnt Miso Iberico Tonkotsu, and Seafood Szechuan Mala Iberico Tonkotsu. To add to one’s meal, Takeshi also offers sides such as mentaiko oysters, char siew and grilled sirloin beef strips.

Takeshi Seafood Szechuan Mala Iberico Tonkotsu

Address: 12 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088387

Telephone Number: +65 6222 8881


Instagram: @hotelsoloha


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