Fat Cow’s Miyasaka-Masumi Sake Dinner: The Best of Japan’s Oldest Brewery returns to Singapore’s Leading Japanese-inspired Steakhouse

Sashimi Moriawase.jpg


Sashimi Moriawase – one of the dishes in the Miyasaka-Masumi Sake Dinner



For one night only, epicureans of Japanese food and sake can savour the best of both treats. The award-winning Fat Cow, by Refinery Concepts, presents its Miyasaka-Masumi Sake Dinner on 20 June 2019. The latest of Fat Cow’s series of experiential dining events, the 6-course sake-pairing dinner will feature a selection of sake highlights from Masumi Premium Sake and Miyasaka Brewing Company, Japan’s oldest sake brewery. They will be paired with dishes and seasonal delicacies such as Shoka Zansai Hassan Mori, an assortment of appetizers that introduces a variety of flavours, and the Sazae Tsubo Yaki – a flavourful turban shell available only in summer and imported exclusively for this event.

The collaboration marks the second time Fat Cow is showcasing the sake selection from Masumi brewery, with the earlier session in 2017 being a sold-out event. The guest speaker for the dinner is Katsuhiko Miyasaka, brewer and part of the 24th generation of a family that has made sake for over 350 years. He runs Masumi Premium Sake and Miyasaka Brewing Company and is currently in charge of new product marketing and development. Katsu has worked overseas at World Sake Imports’ London office and travelled widely in the US, France, Spain and Hong Kong to promote Masumi overseas. The brewery has clinched multiple international awards, including the U.S National Sake appraisal (Joy of Sake) awards, International Wine Challenge (London) award and the Sake Selection (Brussels) award.


Truffle Croquette with Japanese Balsamico sauce.jpg

Truffle Croquette with Japanese Balsamico Sauce;

Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef.jpg

Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef


Whet your appetite with the Shoka Zansai Hassan Mori, a light and refreshing seasonal assortment of appetizers that introduces a symphony of flavours – such as the Cheese Saikyoyaki (a slow grilled miso cod), the Lobster Bainiku and Wagyu Tataki. They are complemented with the Masumi Nanago Junmai Daiginjo, brewed in the yamahai style using Masumi’s renowned yeast No. 7 which carries a mild fragrant and full-bodied flavour.

Let the deliciousness from the sea linger with the Sashimi Moriawase, a selection of premium sashimi that includes Aji, Uni, Kanpachi, and Toro and pair it with the Masumi Karakuchi Ki-ippon Junmai Ginjo, a light and delightful fragrant brew that carries the subtle reminiscence of young Fuji apples.

Bite into the juicy and flavourful flesh of the Sazae Tsubo Yaki, a Turban Shell that is only found in the harsh waters of Genkainada Sea – a seasonal ingredient that is exclusively introduced for the event. Enjoy this exquisite delicacy with Miyasaka Brewing Company’s champion sake, the specially handcrafted Masumi Yumedono Daiginjo, a combination of aromatic fruity flavours that leaves you wanting more after the first sip.

The irresistible croquette gets a premium upgrade as you crunch into the Truffle Croquette drizzled with Japanese Balsamico Sauce, while taking sips of the Okuden Kanzukuri Junmai. The Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef, grilled to perfection over white charcoal, arrives next. Wash it down with two of Masumi’s limited-edition seasonal sake – the Miyasaka Core Nama Genshu and Miyasaka Miyama Nishiki Junmai Ginjo.

Conclude the meal on a sweet note with the Shizuoka Musk Melon with a Peach Sorbet.

The Miyasaka-Masumi Sake Dinner is held on 20 June, 7pm, and priced at $220++ per pax. Guests who confirm their reservation by 15 June 2019 and pay by Mastercard can enjoy an early bird discount of 15%.

To make a reservation for the dinner, please visit http://www.chope.co/singapore-restaurants/restaurant/fat-cow-singapore or call +65 6735 0308. For more information on Fat Cow, please visit http://www.fat-cow.com.sg, or stay tuned for updates on https://www.facebook.com/fatcowsg/


(Photo Credits: Fat Cow)

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