Dolce&Gabbana | Introducing the new Sicily Bags



SICILY 58 & 62

The history of the Sicily bag begins in 2009, and to this day, it is the most iconic Dolce&Gabbana handbag, with its elegant lines and contemporary practicality. The name Sicily encapsulates the world of Dolce&Gabbana: history, traditions, colors, passion and femininity. Since its creation, the Sicily bag has taken many different variations, but keeping its most identifiable detail: the characteristic top handle fastened to two leather covered metal cylinders.

The Sicily bag’s history is rich in styles, ornaments, art and craftsmanship, ranging from classic leather, printed canvas, needlepoint, crochet, Sicilian lace to luxurious versions in python and hand-painted crocodile. All versions of the Sicily bag are elegant, structured, recognizable and continue to impress with their strong identity and femininity.

Dolce&Gabbana_Sicily 58_FW1920_ADV (1)

The Sicily 58 features the classic external flap, which is a key characteristic of the Sicily, as well as a back pocket. The larger model is available in the following colours: black, dark grey, poppy red, powdery pink, deep blue sea, black-black onyx, bluebottle, orange, mahogany/ mud. The smaller model is available in black, powdery pink, poppy red, deep blue sea, dark emerald green, periwinkle, lavender, optical white, plum and black/cuoio


Dolce&Gabbana_Sicily 58 62_FW1920 small

The Sicily 62 is a shopper, which features a central opening on either side of the bag. This model is also available in two different sizes. The large version is available in black, poppy red, deep blue sea, black-black onyx, while the small version is available in black, dark grey, powdery pink, poppy red, rose, yellow gold, Sicilian Terra/ebony, bordeaux/mahogany and lavender

The Sicily 58 and 62 are the evolution of the iconic Sicily bag. Fine French and Swiss leather is used for the Sicily 58 and 62, to which special treatment is applied in order to guarantee a natural finish. The Nappa leather lining is cut using the central part of the hide in order to guarantee the highest quality standards. The bag features a raw edge construction, resulting in a smooth and rounded finish. Initially, a neutral base is applied to unify the edges, which are then brushed in order to eliminate any impurities and ensure a smooth effect. Finally, the color is applied twice, respecting the required drying times. The inside of the bag is functional, spacious, with two compartments divided by a partition and adjustable leather straps. These straps make it possible to modify the capacity of the bag through small buttons, personalized with the Dolce&Gabbana logo. The two models are embellished with an external Dolce&Gabbana plaque, made with an innovative system that allows for a two-tone effect.

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