Elevating the floral art scene here is the exclusive partnership between Four Seasons Hotel Singapore and Nicolai Bergmann as Floral Art Director. A household name in Japan and Seoul that is synonymous with sophisticated floral arrangements and unparalleled artistry, Nicolai Bergmann and Four Seasons is excited to find great synergy in celebrating craftsmanship and an innate understanding of luxury.

With flower design at the core of his practice, Nicolai Bergmann continues to expand his work, especially in the fashion and design fields, collaborating with leading luxury brands such as such with Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Yohji Yamamoto, SK-II as well as romantic collaborations with Van Cleef & Arpels, Häagen Dazs, Samsung and more.


Born in 1976 in Copenhagen, Nicolai Bergmann is one of the most recognizable flower artists who has established a unique style that blends Scandinavian and Japanese design concepts. His invention of the Flower Box, captured much attention as a new form of flower gifting, now a classic gift choice enjoyed by so many.

The famous flower box first launched in year 2000, is now a classic gift choice and the Nicolai Bergmann brand’s signature item. A burst of beautiful colors greets the receiver when the black box is opened, a surprise element which never fails to come into play. The Flower box has surged in popularity, especially among men, a perfect alternative to a bouquet that could easily be tucked into a bag. It is also a delightful product for the receivers as it can be displayed right away without the hassle of unwrapping and setting in a vase.


With his unique perspectives and intriguing imagination, Nicolai Bergmann has also staged exhibitions and created installations that are both aspirational as they are emotive. He is also a familiar face on Japan’s National Television, hosting Flower Demonstrations and giving educational shows on all things flora.



Areas of Artistry

Here in Singapore, Nicolai Bergmann will work with the hotel’s in-house Floral Artists on distinctive flower arrangements for Weddings, Events, Restaurants and public spaces including the Grand Lobby. Artfully augmenting the botanical inspiration that flows through the recently refreshed Guestrooms, Luxury Themed Suites, and modern Asian brasserie, One-Ninety, Nicolai Bergmann’s designs are an effortless extension and a celebration of organic sophistication that create rich moments that inspire and connect us to the world and people around us.

Experience the amazing floral artistry of Nicolai Bergmann, now exclusively in Singapore only with Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.



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