Photo credit: Moment Factory

Set in a rainforest environment, Singapore Zoo’s world-famous “Open Concept” offers the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the wonders of nature. Home to more than 2,400 specimens of over 300 species, 34 per cent of which are threatened, the Zoo has attained a strong reputation internationally for its conservation initiatives and breeding programmes. Annually, approximately 1.9 million visitors enjoy experiential learning journeys at the 26-hectare award-winning Zoo. Singapore Zoo is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The Zoo is a designated rescued wildlife centre by the governing authority.

While many visits the zoo during the day, there are plenty to see even when night falls. For example THE NIGHT SAFARI and THE RAINFOREST LUMINA.

As night falls, Singapore Zoo transforms into a whimsical landscape against a symphony of light and sound. Pull the vines aside and meander along the path to where a lush and luminous universe awaits.



Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore 

Meet the Creature Crew, a quirky group of unlikely heroes (including Orangutan, Flying Fox, Sloth, Chameleon, Asian small-clawed otter, Pangolin, Hornbill, and Tiger cub) who invite you to join their whimsical adventure. The Creature Crew believes that every species has the power to give back to the rainforest: nature, animals, and humans too. Their motto, “We Are One,” means that everyone has a special role to play.


Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore 

Come play, sing, and discover their enchanted world. For wherever the Creature Crew roams, the rainforest blooms with wonder.






The Rainforest Lumina Experience


Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore 


Throughout the one kilometer-long trail, guests will explore Singapore Zoo at night, when the animals are asleep, and be treated to a mesmerising multimedia experience. The night walk consists of 11 zones that are bound to excite guests of all ages!


Guests will be charmed with the four interactive zones in this wondrous world that will bring out their inner child:

  • Sing Like an Animal demonstrates how the earth plays music for those that will listen. Guests will create magic together by using their whispers and songs to make the Creature Crew appear from the jungle.
  • Call of the Wild wows with an astounding visual narrative of how the Creature Crew bands together in times of adversity to overcome all challenges and protect the jungle.
  • Play Like an Animal embraces the mischievous and playful nature of the Creature Crew and encourages guests to join in their fun!
  • Wall of Fame captures the essence of the Creature Crew’s motto– “We are One”. Expect to leave with a photo memory with your Creature Crew friend at the end of the experience!




The team behind Rainforest Lumina


The event is a collaboration between Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Moment Factory, the partner behind the critically acclaimed Lumina night walk series. Rainforest Lumina will be the newest Lumina installment in a series of seven around the world. Both teams have come together to create Southeast Asia’s first multimedia night walk experience at a wildlife park.

Inspired by the local culture and the natural beauty of the site, the Lumina night walks use a universal language to speak to all audiences and bring generations together.

Moment Factory is a multimedia studio with a full range of production expertise under one roof. Their team combines specialisations in video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences. Since its inception in 2001, Moment Factory has created more than 400 unique shows and destinations. Productions span the globe and include such clients as Los Angeles Airport, Microsoft, NFL, Sony, Toyota, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Madonna, Royal Caribbean and locally, Changi Airport.

Visitors’ Information


Rainforest Lumina Season From July 2018
Opening Hours 7.30pm – 12am (Last entry at 10.30pm)
Ticketing Prices Adult: $22, Child: $16 (Ages 3 to 12)
Website rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg

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