The year 2018 heralds the 10th anniversary of Monte Carlo Yachts’ foundation. Over the course of a decade, the pioneering Italian luxury yacht builder has established itself as a globally-respected brand with seven award-winning iconic models as well as a groundbreaking modular construction process and naval architecture resulted in unlimited customization. Within the global yachting world, MCY models are lauded at boat shows around the world. As an important market for the brand, Asia is currently bearing witness to its fast and steady growth.

Monte Carlo Yachts has taken a keen role in Asia’s most important luxury lifestyle events and boat shows. The gorgeous MCY fleet frequently makes an appearance at the likes of Hainan Rendez-vous, the Singapore Yacht Show, Phuket Rendez-vous, and the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show.
MCY in Phuket, Thailand; MCY in Hong Kong, China
As well as maintaining a strong presence in the area, MCY models have also brought home heavy-weight accolades in Asia. Shortly after the first model in the MCY collection—the MCY 76—was launched in 2010, she was named Best Production Motor Yacht (51 to 80 feet) at the Asia Boating Awards, honoring the yachting industry’s best in Asia. In 2013, the mini-mega MCY 65 yacht received recognition during the Shanghai Boat Show. The MCY 105—the largest model in the collection—won Robb Report China’s Best of the Best Awards in 2017. The MCY 86, MCY 80, and MCY 96 have all won major prizes at the Asia Boating Awards. The MCY 96 was also named Best International Motor Yacht (24m-30m) at the 2018 Christofle Yacht Style Awards.
Monte Carlo Yachts is gaining momentum within Asia’s yachting community. As the brand enters its next exciting decade, Monte Carlo Yachts will continue to invest in Asia, working closely with its dealer network including Asia Yachting, Simpson Marine and Tam Son Yachting to build a stronger presence of Monte Carlo Yachts in the area, providing every owner with an outstanding yachting experience.


同时,蒙地卡罗游艇深受业界肯定,频频在亚洲斩获重量级奖项。继蒙地卡罗游艇首款船型—MCY 76于2010年全球首发后不久,她就在亚洲游艇颁奖盛典上荣膺“最佳量产动力艇奖”(51-80尺)。亚洲游艇大奖是亚太地区船艇行业的风向标。在2013年,被誉为“迷你超级游艇”的MCY 65在上海船展期间荣膺重要奖项。而蒙地卡罗游艇最大船型MCY 105于2017年荣膺中国罗博之选“最佳游艇大奖”(100-195尺)。MCY 86、MCY 80和MCY 96随后都在亚洲游艇颁奖盛典上斩获奖项。同时,MCY 96在今年年初举行的Christofle Yacht Style Awards颁奖盛典上荣膺“最佳国际动力艇(24米-30米)”大奖。

MCY系列在亚洲航海圈也表现不俗。中国香港以浓郁的航海文化和健全的航海设施闻名,蒙地卡罗游艇最新款船型的亚洲首发经常在这里举行。全球前两位MCY 105的船东均来自中国香港。而中国沿海城市海南俨然成为了中国大陆的蒙地卡罗游艇中心,MCY亦或优雅地停靠在海南各地的游艇会,亦或在海面上驰骋。蒙地卡罗游艇在位于的东南亚的泰国也颇受欢迎。MCY 96尚未于去年9月正式发布,已经在泰国售出。越来越多的蒙地卡罗游艇将驰骋在亚洲海域。

蒙地卡罗游艇即将踏入下一个崭新的十年发展历程,品牌将持续对亚洲市场的投入,与包括Asia Yachting、辛普森游艇和Tam Son Yachting在内的亚洲经销商网络紧密合作,进一步扩大品牌在亚洲地区的业务范围和影响力,为每一位MCY船东提供无与伦比的航海体验。

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