Zafferano | Italian restaurant-in-the-sky unveils a new Head Chef and a revitalized culinary vision

Main Dining Room_1

Zafferano is the Italian name for saffron, a prized mythical herb. The saffron flower contains 3 stigmas, called threads. Zafferano focuses on Value manifested through the 3 ‘threads’ of Food, Service, and Ambience. By its dedication to the threads, providing each with quality and satisfaction, Zafferano weaves a seamless ‘value’ experience all its own. One that has seen legions of adherents seeking the smallest excuse to dine, celebrate, and party within its spaces – be it formal corporate lunch, convivial dinner, or birthday bash.


Chef Emanuele Faggi-01_credits solostepstudio

Head Chef Emanuele Faggi

(Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

Introducing Head Chef Emanuele Faggi, Zafferano’s new kitchen maestro. Chef Faggi is a Tuscan native who, fresh from culinary school, interned at the famed L’Albereta Resort led by the legendary late Chef Gualtiero Marchesi. He then joined the 2-Michelin-starred Cracco Ristorante, staying for five years and rising to Chef Saucier while overseeing the meat section – all under the wings of Chef Carlo Cracco, who fundamentally shaped Chef Faggi’s culinary styleand values.

In 2013, Chef Faggi came to Singapore to helm Gaia Ristorante as Executive Chef.
Before joining Zafferano, Chef Faggi was briefly chef-consultant at Donizetti in Milan,
Italy, as well as a private chef. Chef Faggi brings to Zafferano a passion for his regional roots, a flair for innovation, and astute technical expertise. Expect a contemporary interpretation of the tradition; and a celebration of prime produce.
Only the freshest make it to the table, sourced both locally and when it comes to
seasonal ingredients, from Italy and the rest of Europe. Chef Faggi draws from his rich
family ‘larder’ of authentic Tuscan flavours, marries them with the contemporary
influence of Chef Gualtiero Marchesi, and his own well-honed creativity. The result is a
dynamic, vibrant cuisine – produce-driven; an amalgamation of the contemporary and
time-honoured; plated with an artistic fluid aesthetic often inspired by Chef Faggi’s
feelings in the moment.
One value that Chef Faggi learned in his time with Chef Carlo Cracco was reducing
food wastage. At Zafferano, food discards such as the skin of onions, tomato and
carrot, and used coffee beans are made into powder, to be used for plating and



Zafferano - Rice Chips_credits solostepstudio

Rice Chips (photo credits Solostepsstudio)


raw red prawns from Mazara warm ricotta, tomato confit cocktail sauce espuma_credits solostepstudio

(Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

Gamberi – ricotta – origano – pomodoro – salsa cocktail
Raw red prawns from ‘Mazara’, warm ricotta, tomato confit, cocktail sauce espuma

fresh burratina cheese from Andria_credits solostepstudio

Burratina – pomodori – semi di basilico
Fresh ‘burratina’ cheese from ‘Andria’, fresh tomato compote, basil oil, olive soil, basil seeds, tomato essence (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

raw Hokkaido scallops, saffron, avruga, monk_s beard, capers_credits solostepstudio

Capesante – zafferano – agretti – cappero – avruga
Raw Hokkaido scallops, saffron, avruga, monk’s beard, capers (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

marinated salmon in beetroot juice_credits solostepstudio

Salmone – barbabietola – limetta – salsa verde – quinoa
Marinated salmon in beetroot juice, beetroot lime salad, ‘salsa verde’, quinoa chips (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)


In the new menu, the Antipasti course delights visually and plays on the palate. Savour
raw Hokkaido scallops sprinkled with dried capers powder, topped with Avruga caviar
and served with sautéed monk caper and saffron sauce, and the marinated salmon in
beetroot juice, with beetroot lime sala, ‘salsa verde’ and quinoa chips; or the raw red
prawns from ‘Mazara’ served with warm ricotta, tomato confit, cocktail sauce espuma
and drizzled with basil oil.


The Primi

gnudo-front_credits solostepstudio

Gnudo – ricotta – spinaci – cannella – calameretti
Ricotta and spinach ‘gnudo’, cinnamon, baby squid in butter and sage (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

Saffron risotto_credits solostepstudio

Riso – oro – zafferano ‘tribute to Chef Gualtiero Marchesi’
‘Super fino Carnaroli Acquerello’ risotto from ‘Vercelli’ saffron, bone marrow, 24 karats gold leaf (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

The Primi course showcases Chef Faggi’s Tuscan roots; these traditional handmade
pastas are full of authentic flavours, soulful and hearty. Highlights include handmade
‘Picio’ pasta cooked with mussels, clams and razor clams in chili pepper, oil and
parsley. Picio is hand-rolled pasta commonly found in Tuscany. The ricotta and
spinach ‘Gnudo’ with baby squid in butter and sage – Gnudo (Tuscan noodle) are
gnocchi-like dumplings, without the pasta. The ‘super fino Carnaroli Acquerello’ risotto
from ‘Vercelli’ with saffron, bone marrow and 24 karats gold leaf is a tribute to Chef
Gualtiero Marchesi. Chef Faggi learnt this famed dish from the late chef himself during
his internship at L’Albereta Resort.


The Secondi or Main Course


Black Angus beef tenderloin gratinated with liquorice and capers celery root puree leeks_credits solostepstudio

Manzo – capperi – liquirizia – porri – sedano rapa
150 days grain fed Black Angus beef tenderloin gratinated with liquorice and capers, celery root purée, leeks (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)

oven-baked black cod vanilla scented green asparagus roasted potato puree_credits solostepstudio

Merluzzo – asparagi verdi – patate
Oven-baked black cod, vanilla scented green asparagus
roasted potato purée (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)


sous-vide and pan-fried Queensland farm rack of lamb roasted eggplant puree bok-choy coffee powder_credits solostepstudio

Agnello – melanzane – cavolo cinese – caffé
Sous-vide and pan-fried Queensland farm lamb loin roasted eggplant purée, sautéed bok-choy, coffee powder (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)


roasted Bresse pigeon mixed berries rosemary smoked white turnips_credits solostepstudio

Piccione – frutti di bosco – rape bianche
Roasted ‘Bresse’ pigeon, mixed berries, rosemary smoked white turnips (Photo Credit Solostepstudio)


The Secondi or Main Course presents Chef Faggi’s love for meat through the use of
contemporary cooking techniques learnt during his time at Cracco Ristorante.
Highlights include sous-vide and pan-fried Queensland farm rack of lamb, served with
roasted eggplant purée, sautéed bok-choy and coffee powder; 150 days grain fed
black Angus beef tenderloin gratinated with liquorice and capers, celery root (celeriac)
purée and leeks; and roasted ‘Bresse’ pigeon, mixed berries and rosemary smoked
white turnips


As is the Italian spirit — so alive in the food as well as hospitality. Led by veteran
Restaurant Manager Paolo Colzani, the front-of-house team possesses outstanding
professional pedigree constantly honed. The result is not so much the detached
formality of fine dining lore, but service that is warm yet not over-familiar; attentive yet
not obtrusive; informed yet not insistent.
By day the restaurant exudes Italian congeniality and a light-filled elegance that makes
it the unrivalled all-occasion destination in the city centre for friends, family, and

Main Dining Room_5


But when the sun sinks low, a different vibe takes over: the outdoor terrace
lounge comes into its own as the skyline starts to twinkle with light and the music and
drinks flow.



Ocean Financial Centre
10 Collyer Quay
Level 43
Singapore 049315
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday:
11.30am – 3.00pm (last order 2.30pm)
Monday– Friday:
5.30pm till late (last order for food 10pm)
6:30pm till late (last order for food 10pm)
Saturday Brunch
12.00pm – 3.00pm
(To contact restaurant for more information)

T +65 6509 1488


Floor Space
5,300 sq. ft indoors
1,700 sq. ft outdoors
Seating Capacity
The Restaurant 160
Main Dining 120
Private Dining Room 22
Wine Room 12
The Lounge and Bar 36
The Terrace 60
Standing Capacity
The Restaurant 250
The Terrace 100
Available at Ocean Financial Centre

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