‘Pilota Ferrari’ 488 Pista A special Tailor-Made for Ferrari’s customers involved in motorsports programmes

Ferrari 488 Pista_5


488 pista 1


On the occasion of the 24 Hours ofle Mans,  the  Prancing Horse  launches a  unique  ‘Piloti   Ferrari’  specification for the  Ferrari  488  Pista. This  special custom creation, the  latest from   the  exclusive Tailor Made  programme, was  designed   to recognise the  success of  clients  who  race  Ferrari s and   made  its  debut on  the  eve of  the legendary French endurance race  at  the  Circuit  de Ia Sarthe. Inspired  by AF Corse’s no. 51 car, with which Alessandro Pier Guidi and James Cal ado won the 2017  FIA World  Endurance Championship (WEC)   Drivers’  and   Manufacturers’ titles,   this  special finish  for  the   new Ferrari 488 Pista is available exclusively for customers involved in the company’s motor sports programmes.

The  exterior features a  new livery with  stripes in the  colours of the  Italian flag  recalling  the racing  version  of the 488 GTE, embellished by a laurel celebrating the WEC title,  the logo  of the championship and  the word  “PRO” indicating the class  the car raced  in. The Italian  flag livery features again  along  the  car’s flanks  which  are  also  adorned with  the  personal  race number each  client will be able  to add. The version  that will be unveiled  at  Le Mans  carries the  number 51  used  by the  world  championship drivers. The  matte black S-Duct and  the natural carbon-fibre ‘dovetail’ suspended  rear  spoiler and  vent  surrounds round off  the personalisation of the exterior.

The  ‘Piloti  Ferrari’ 488  Pista will be available in four  different colours inspired  by the  world ofracing: Rosso  Corsa, Blu Tour  De France,  Nero  Daytona and  Argento Nurburgring.

The interior, in black Alcantara®, includes seats  upholstered with a special  perforated version of the  same material that incorporates the  Italian  flag in the  central band  of the  backrest. The  national colours are also  clearly visible on the  edge  of the gearshift paddles and  on the floor mats which, like the carpeting itself, are made of a special  technical fabric. The  number that features on  the  external  livery also  appears on  the  base  of the  steering wheel,  while all the   carbon-fibre  trim   parts  have  a  matte  finish.  The   personalisation  of  the   interior is completed by an exclusive identification plate and  sill trim in carbon-fibre, the  latter with the Tailor  Made  logo.

The  ‘Piloti  Ferrari’   488  Pista  is  powered  by  the   latest  720-cv version   of  the   3.9-litre turbocharged V8 which  has been voted  best engine in the world for the third  consecutive year at the 2018 International Engine of the Year Awards.




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