TAF Gallery launches Investment Quality Mongolian art in Singapore


The Art Fund Gallery (TAF Gallery), a newly formed art venture in Singapore has launched their first exhibition with the instalment of a series of contemporary art from Mongolia introducing 10 artists and over 100 pieces of artwork at their private gallery located on Cairnhill Road. The inaugural exhibition called Colour Up My Life features the debut of investment quality Mongolian art in Singapore. 

A first of its kind and the biggest private collection outside of Mongolia, Colour Up My Life is a compendium of artwork representing Mongolia’s rich artistic heritage. This rare and beautifully varied collection depicts Mongolian landscape, horses and wildlife, nomadic life, the seasons and abstract art by 10 of Mongolia’s finest artists whose solo works have been featured in Europe and the UK and now collectively in Singapore. 

Offering a glimpse into the beauty of the Mongolian way of life, Colour Up My Life is an appreciation of the broad narrative on the disappearing nomadic traditions of Mongolia in the face of modernization, presented in a mix medium of oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and ink on paper. 

“As a collection, these works of art were curated to lend viewers an overall impression and expression of the beauty and landscape of Mongolia that is exquisite in its originality and identity.” says Dr Lanz Chan, co-founder of TAF Gallery.

 TAF Gallery launched on the 21st of May with a private reception attended by various cultural dignitaries and guest of honour Mongolian Ambassador to Singapore His Excellency Mr. LKhagradorj E.Tumur who said “Art does not show people what to do, yet engaging with good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. The artworks from the talented and well-known artists can inspire your interest in visiting our beautiful country and inspire some of you to further explore the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia”.  

 Mongolian contemporary art has come a long way. Overseas recognition and exposure in Europe has played a big part in the proliferation of Mongolian fine art. Today, TAF Gallery is the first art space that is currently dedicated to the support and appreciation of Mongolian art and valuation. 

 TAF Gallery has plans to invite artists from Mongolia in August 2018 for their Artist in Residence program. Local art students interested in taking part in intercultural dialogue and art sessions hosted by the residing artist can register with the gallery.

 The art pieces are for sale and available for loan to other art galleries.

 TAF Gallery is part of a group of companies specializing in Fintech, energy and environmental solutions.  

Viewings are by appointment only and can be made via info@tafgallery.com or call +65 98699 9289

More information can be found at www.tafgallery.com or Facebook: @artfundgallery


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