Ferrari Portofino Singapore Premiere | True Ferrari Performance combining luxury, versatility & on-board comfort

Ferrari Portofino Singapore Premiere (3)Ferrari Portofino Singapore Premiere (5)

ltal Auto, official  dealer  for  Ferrari  in Singapore, unveiled  the Ferrari  Portofino, which  debuted at  the  Frankfurt International Motor Show last year,  to Singaporean clients  on Thursday, 26th April, 2018.

Representing the  perfect  combination of luxury, versatility and  on-board comfort, the Ferrari Portofino is the  new GT set to dominate its segment. After the global  debut in Frankfurt, the unveiling  in Singapore  where  Ferrari’s GT model line-up has achieved great success, was much-awaited. Over 200 VIPs, including the Ferrari Owner’s Club Singapore, Ferrari owners, their guest and special  members of the press, gathered to see this latest model .

The event opened with champagne, tapas and cocktails, and  a welcome speech by Ital Auto General  Manager, Mr Jeremy Gaw. The event  reached  its climax when the car coloured in the sophisticated  Bianco  ltalia was  unveiled.  The  Guests of  Honour, Italian Ambassador to Singapore,  H.E. Mr  Raffaele  Langella,  and  CEO  of Ferrari Far and  Middle  East, Mr  Dieter Knechtel, unveiled the  car with a specially  crafted video and  presentation.

For this particular occasion, FOC Sentosa was awash in neon  lights and  hard-pumping beats, utilizing the latest technology to show the high performance via emotional visuals and sound. The  guests enjoyed the talents of a  renowned DJ and  Singapore’s very own  Urban Drum Crew:  performances that set excitement aflame.


The  Ferrari Portofino was  named after one  of the  most  attractive towns located in Riviera in the Liguria Region. Portofino has long been  known to the world as a symbol of scenic  beauty embracing elegance and  unique nobility.  Bearing the name of the town , the Ferrari Portofino has  become the  most versatile  GT car.


Powered  by the  Ferrari V8 turbo, a member of the  engine  family that won  the  International Engine of the  Year Award  in 2016  and  2017 consecutively, the  new car  boasts an  ability  to punch  out  600cv  and  to sprint from  0-100 km/ h in just 3.5  seconds. Due to  the adoption of new components and  the calibration of the engine  management software, the output power increased  by 40cv   from the California T  power    unit.   Thanks  to   further tuning,  the characteristic Ferrari V8 soundtrack can  be fully appreciated in open-top driving.

The  Ferrari Portofino is also an aggressively-styled car with a two-box fastback configuration – unprecedented in a coupe-convertible with  a retractable hard  top. This successfully adds extra sleekness to  its silhouette,  highlighting a sportier character.


This  Ferrari  model   is designed for  enjoying  daily  driving  and   converts from  an authentic Berlinetta into  an  open-top Spider in just  14  seconds even  in  low-speed driving.  With  a brilliant  marriage of design, performance, and  technology, and  with  various advantageous features- retractable hard  top, spacious trunk, ample passenger space, and  two  rear seats suitable for a short trip- the  new model  is perfect  for any occasion.

Its vehicle  dynamic characteristics have  been  completely revised . For the  first  time  on  this type   of   Ferrari   model,  third-generation  electronic  rear   differential  (E-Diffs)   has   been integrated with  the  F1-Trac,  improving both  mechanical g rip and  the  control of the  car  to the limit. The  Ferrari Portofino is also the first GT in this  range  to  be fitted  with EPS (Electric Power Steering) The  integration of the  EPS and  the  E-Diff3 reduced  the steering ratio  by 7% for  even  more   responsive steering without  a  trade-off in stability at   high-speed  driving. Thanks to the  adoption of dual-coil technology, the  magnetorheological  damping system (SCM-E)   has   been   upgraded,  helping   to   reduce   roll  while  contributing  to   improving absorption of road  surface unevenness. The  result  is an  even more  dynamic, responsive car that also delivers superior ride comfort.


The new car also focuses on on-board comfort and  this is achieved  by a slew of new features – an  infotainment system  with  a 10.2″ touchscreen display, a new air-conditioning system that  improves passenger comfort either with the  top  up or down, a new steering wheel , 18- way adjustable electric-powered seats with  a  new backrest design  that boosts legroom  for rear seat  passengers, and  the  passenger display.  All passengers will highly appreciate the  new wind deflector which can cut airflow inside the cabin  by 30% and  reduces aerodynamic noise in open-top driving.

The  Ferrari Portofino is the  most  powerful  convertible car that Ferrari has ever produced.



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