Eden Life Centres in the heart of Seminyak, Bali is a holistic health clinic focusing on wellness, anti-ageing and self-improvement. EDEN offers unparalleled service with real results achieved by creating balance and vitality through good nutrition, happiness, self-care, integrated learning and expert practitioner services.

Founded by Australians Deborah Van Der Hoek and Duncan Angus, Eden Life Centres engages the best aesthetic, skin doctors and nutritionists using cutting-edge technologies and the finest medical-grade products. The centre brings a new level of holistic care through counsellors, healers and other therapists, creating an overall treatment lifestyle for their clients rather than a quick fix. The team at EDEN educate and nurture their clients, becoming partners in their long-term ongoing treatment programs and assisting them to meet aesthetic goals and overall lifestyle goals.


“The wellness and medical tourism industry is the fastest growing tourism sector worldwide,” said Simone Rogers, General Manager, Eden Life Centres. “People not only want to live longer, they want to live BETTER. The rise of nutrition-based bloggers proves the world is turning to health for longevity and quality of life improvements. EDEN helps its clients to reach wellness goals through offering a wide range of holistic services.”


The supportive approach at EDEN, revolving around ongoing relationships with individual clients, is aimed towards people wanting to find out more about health and wellness and taking control of the holistic spectrum of their life through their choices. As clients become more knowledgeable they choose their food, choose the levels of stress they allow themselves to feel and choose treatments that support and encourage personal growth. EDEN is there the whole way to guide them through the process, allowing them to also look the best they possibly can without reverting to surgery with many alternative options.


All new clients are introduced to Eden by the General Manager or Aesthetic Manager and have a private consultation in a comfortable intimate space to determine their individual goals. Options are discussed, then verified with practitioners, and a treatment guide is created. Personal aspects such as lifestyle, budget and medical background are all considered and confidential medical files are created.


Eden Life Centres places great emphasis on integrity and authenticity, using only the very best, 100% certified products, with the clinic meeting Australian Certification Standards. All doctors are fully accredited and nurses have over 5 years experience in medical fields in Indonesia. Having nutritionists dermatologists and general practitioners arms Eden with all the tools to properly treat clients.


Key services at Eden Life Centres include:

  1. The Skin Clinic to address topical skin conditions, skin texture and appearance (laser, medical facials, prescriptive medications, dermapen);
  2. The Aesthetic Clinic to address contouring and aging profiles (fillers, botox, fat dissolving and live cell treatments);
  3. The Nutrition Clinic for integrated health through dietary planning, supplements and further education;
  4. IV Lounge for heath, immunity, hydration and rejuvenation from within;
  5. Therapists for working on the mind-body connection (counsellors, healers)


A very popular signature treatment is The Skin Rejuvenation Program – a blend of a Live Cell Treatment, Carboxy and LED Light Therapy Facials. All no downtime, pain free and with visible instant results.


The Live Cell Treatment works in a similar way to the well-known PRP treatment, but captures the essence of live placenta cells that have been cultivated for their nutrition and healing properties. As well as attracting healing collagen and providing plump skin, they provide additional nutrients to the skin and also can be taken intravenously or in a micro-needling session. It can be administered without topical anaesthesia and is not painful.


The LED Light Therapy Facial is a beautiful soothing facial that uses LED light technology developed by NASA. The treatment is non-painful and gives skin an instant visible glow and slight lift.


The Carboxy Therapy facial utilises the absorbing power of Carbon Dioxide to draw out toxins and tighten skin. It works similarly to a very gentle skin peel but with no down time and a brighter result.


The cool, clean luxurious feel of Eden Life Centres has been carefully designed to help people feel welcome, comfortable, relaxed and safe. Designed by J.R Kraal, EDEN is a peaceful sanctuary in the centre of ultra-busy Seminyak. Bali was chosen as the site of the first of the Eden Life Centres for its progressive, eclectic and artistic blend of expats, tourists, business people and locals. There is a culture of healthy living in Bali, with people open to investing in their health and wellness, making it the perfect position. With wellness tourism becoming a major growth industry in the Asian region, Eden Life Centres are certainly looking to expand into other Asian markets.



Jl. Petitenget 12
Seminyak, Bali 80361


+62 361 934 2958


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