New Ubin Seafood Restaurant at CHIJMES




New Ubin Seafood’s beginnings can be traced back to the island of Pulau Ubin itself, where a humble home served up kampong-style seafood to all who visited Ubin’s North shore, developing a reputation for serving fresh, authentic and delicious seafood in a laid-back and relaxing environment.

They have since moved to mainland Singapore and are currently at Hillview Avenue for several years. They recently opened a second outlet at CHIJMES, right in the city center.

We visited the new restaurant at CHIJMES recently.

On the second floor of CHIJMES, the restaurant is very spacious and consists of several private dining rooms. At the same time, there is also a wine room to cater to more sophisticated diners.


The first dish we tried was the Brinjal Delight.


Brinjal Delight 香脆矮瓜

This is a New Ubin Seafood special. Thin slices of brinjal are caramelized and served with dried chillies. The spicy, tangy flavor matched perfectly with the crispy brinjal slices.


Ubin-Style Fried Mee Sua         炒面线

This is a brand new addition to  the  New Ubin  Seafood menu. Mee  sua  (thin  noodles) fried  with  prawns, beansprouts and spring onions, served with egg floss. You can taste the piping wok-hei.


Live Mud Crabs         螃蟹 Classic Chilli Sauce

This is a must have for any gathering in a seafood restaurant. Classic Chilli sauce slightly spicy, and remember to order some buns to soak up all the sauce.

Several Cooking Styles you can select for your Crabs:

• Classic Chilli Sauce
• Black Pepper
• Garlic Baked
• Salted Egg
• Garlic Pepper


Next we tried their signature USDA Black  Angus “Choice” Rib Eye with “Heart Attack” Fried Rice

USDA Black Angus “Choice” Rib Eye per   100gms     $16.00


This is definitely one dish which placed New Ubin Seafood on the culinary map, the rib eye is grilled to perfection, rested and then cubed. Served together with caramelized onions, Idaho potato wedges, in-house smoked sea salt flakes and fried rice caramelized with beef drippings (also known as ‘heart attack’ fried rice).

One of the owners, Alex, explained to us that they really spend a lot of time sourcing for the right beef and right cut. They even experimented with smoking the sea salt in-house in order to achieve the flavor they wanted.


Next Alex introduced us to the  “Zabuton” Cut Mishima Reserve, “Ultra” US Full Blood Wagyu

300gms for only $66.00

(above portion is not the full 300 gms, full portion is good for 4-5 person as appetiser)

Approximately 450 to 500 days’ grain fed, this premium US wagyu cut has an oily tenderness that’s second to none. “Zabuton”, which means “sitting pillow” in Japanese, refers to the specific cut and its matching characteristics. The “Zabuton” cut is from the eye of the chuck roll, one of the tenderest cuts of the cow, akin to a pillow of extraordinary taste and tenderness. Recommended to be enjoyed as an appetiser.


The last dish we tried was the

Fried Fish Roe with Chinchalok Sambal and Petai Beans

This is also a New Ubin Seafood specialty, fried pieces of fish roe are coated in handmade chinchalok sambal and  served  with  petai beans.  A  harmony of  spicy,  sour and  tangy  with  an  aroma that  is  uniquely Singaporean. Again we recommend to have this with some white rice, a match made in heaven.

Great venue for business and family meals. Call them for reservation.


New Ubin Seafood Group

New Ubin Seafood (Hillview) : 63 Hillview Avenue, Level 6 (Canteen), S669569
New Ubin Seafood (CHIJMES) : 30 Victoria Street #02-01B/C, S187996
New Ubin Seafood Online: Island-wide delivery available; Also available via Deliveroo in Bukit Batok, and Tanjong Katong;



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