The Ultimate Gift For This Mother’s Day


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Wrecking your brains and running out of ideas of what to get for that special lady in your life?

Hitachi has continuously created vacuum cleaners in meticulous detail. The Made in Japan Vacuum Cleaners are thoughtfully designed and made with the finest workmanship and cutting-edge technology to offer the best in functionality, innovation and design for its customers. From specially-engineered pipe and hose that enable superior operation and mobility, to the combined genius of multi-angle head and zoom pipe that enable access to seemingly-impossible corners, nothing is overlooked.


Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ

HIT 121_Home Appliance  Pg 1 & 2

Mommies with young children, especially with families that are sensitive to allergens and dust, the Allergy Care CV- SA8200RJ is perfect for them. Our homes have house dust such as droppings and carcasses of mites, pollen and human hair. These house dust lie hidden in fabrics such as mattresses and bedding linens and  could cause allergies. The  Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ is designed with a unique Electric Linen Beat Heat embedded with a special plate. The whole surface area of the head would vibrate and beat thoroughly to pick up allergens hidden deep in fabrics and bedding linens, exhaustively cleaning the linens and fabric.

Together with Two Boost Cyclonic Technology, Easy Dust Disposal System and Low Noise Operation, the Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ offers outstanding cleaning performance runs quietly even when the appliance is switched to maximum power


Smooth & Easy CV-SA8100RJ

HIT 121_Home Appliance  Pg 1 & 2

Ever heard your mother complain about the hassle trying to clean areas that are hard to reach, i.e. above cupboards, narrow spaces. Skip the need to climb up high just to reach to the top of the  cupboard or curtain  boxes for  cleaning.  The  Smooth  & Easy CV-SA8100RJ can access seemingly difficult areas easily with less effort.

With Hitachi’s original Motorized Auto Drive Head design, the Made In Japan vacuum cleaners have a suction head that moves by itself when the power is on and picks up dust with less effort. The side blades allow 4-way suction and ensures dust are easily caught all around while the carbon light head and extension pipe allow easy grip and liftings.



Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ

HIT 121_Home Appliance  Pg 1 & 2

Awarded with the certificate of quality for dust retaining capacity, the Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ has high dust collection performance with filters that effectively capture allergens at home. Clean exhaust is achieved with Hitachi Two Boost Cyclonic Technology which prevents over 99.9% of suction dirt from escaping, cleaning the house meticulously and keeping it more hygienic. It collects dust and allergens such as pollen and house dust by centrifugation. With its Allergy Off Filter, it collects the allergens and suppresses their activity with artificial enzymes applied to the fiber surface

For households that have carpeted floors or carpets around, the Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ is the to-go cleaning appliance with its Air Turbine Head. The power of indrawn air makes the brushes within spin and beat dust out of carpets. Like Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ and Smooth & Easy CV-SA8100RJ, the Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ comes with Easy Dust Disposal System and Low Noise Operation as well.

Lastly, Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ prevents over 99.9% of suction dirt from escaping, cleaning the house meticulously and keeping it more hygienic. Take the worry of your mother’s mind by gifting her the perfect tool to make her cleaning more efficient and effortless.

Designed for greater conveniences, the models are quick and easy to store and with the one- touch zoom pipe, users can easily adjust the pipe length with just one hand as well as the ability to run quietly at a powerful 400W with easy dust disposal and cleaning.


Hitachi Multi Angle Head Vacuum Cleaner Model Allergy Care CV-SA8200RJ comes in Champagne colour at S$1,299, Smooth & Easy CV-SA8100RJ comes in Ruby Red colour is retailing at S$1,099 and Hygienic CV-SA8000RJ comes in Red colour is retailing at S$999.



All Hitachi products are available on  Hitachi Online Store and at all authorized dealers.


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