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RIB Society (CRIB), a non-profit social enterprise based in Singapore, is launching ‘Holiday for Hope’ in partnership with Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) from March 2018. Introduced as a holiday-for-good concept that combines travel with charity, ‘Holiday for Hope’ aims to kick start and develop a tourism-based programme that can help charities supporting overseas beneficiaries become sustainable by enabling them to raise their own long-term fundraising capabilities, using resources that are available in the countries in which they are supporting.
“We noticed the biggest challenge for many charities is the ability to consistently raise funds. Waiting for ad hoc donations, or once-a-year charity fundraisers has left many charities crippled in terms of long-term planning and sustainability,” says Tjin Lee, Co-Founder at CRIB. “It is our goal to teach more NGOs to think like SMEs. If you want to help others, you must first be empowered. To be empowered, you need to be able to raise your own sustainable revenue streams. We hope with this pilot project for OHF, that they will be able to take the concept of using travel and experiences to attract donations from individuals, and eventually do this multiple times a year to find their own sustainability.” she adds.
The pilot ‘Holiday for Hope’ project will take place from 15-18 March 2018, with 10 families making donations and embarking on a visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia, in aid of the Ta Snae Primary School. Donor families will contribute to funds that will help to build a well, toilets, electrical wiring which will help enable digital learning, as well as a playground for the school, which houses nearly 300 children between the ages of four and 12 years old.
The itinerary will bring together cultural and local experiences such as local dining, cruise on the Tonle Sap, visit to a temple in UNESCO heritage listed Angkor Archaeological Park, as well as a lunch with the school to celebrate the conclusion of the building project. The itinerary is recommended as being suitable as a family experience (kids aged four and up), with the objective of opening up the eyes of the next generation towards the greater world around us, and learning how to give and help those in need.
All additional proceeds from funds raised will build a new stream of funds that will go directly to OHF to support their ongoing projects in Cambodia and Nepal. Headquartered in Singapore, the organisation has been running programmes in developing countries for over 15 years, centring on education, training, as well as providing shelter and sanitation facilities for those in need. Operated in a business-like manner, OHF focuses on maximum benefit-to-cost ratio in the programmes they execute. The projects not only impact beneficiaries but have also created employment for over 30 staff in a rural province at any given time.
Funds raised from ‘Holiday for Hope’ will hopefully continue to positively shape the communities in which OHF is actively operating.
To join the trip, contribute or for more information, please visit or contact Operation Hope Foundation at



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