Fashion Devotion

There may be vastly varying opinions of the Italian duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana over the years, yet one remains unchallenged –their devotion to their brand and their steadfast belief in everything they have designed and done. Themed Fashion Devotion, the Fall/Winter 2018-19 Womens runway collection consisted of 110 looks tied together by craftsmanship, tradition, passion and creativity.

The Set facade was an homage to the baroque Oratorio di Santa Cita church in Sicily; Domenico Dolce’s hometown and the heart of inspiration for the brand. Gilded altar gates set the stage for a runway show of the heavens. Playing on the ideas of sinners and saints, devotees and detractors; one of the key notes of the collection was the religious play in the form of Vatican City vestment brocades and sumptuous embroidery to carton depiction of cherubs and fashion devotion halos.

Never detracting from their iconic Sicilian black widow style, this instead has been refined and uplifted with sharp suiting options of beautifully tailored trouser suits and chic classic hats. Scattered through were also floor sweeping gowns and decadent jewellery. The DG Woman has never been more exquisite.

Wrapping up the collection was the outfits for millennials. Athleisure wear with motifs of the Fashion Devotion came alongside mini-skirts, baring mid-riffs, and OTT fur and long-fringed pieces. Never a sight for sore eyes!



The Devotion Bag

Always one for fashion firsts; which in recent seasons meant breaking the boundaries of social media and disrupting the acceptable norm – Dolce&Gabbana employed the use of drones, in an act akin to descent from fashion heaven, of their new IT bag, the Devotion Bag.

The Devotion Bag represents the unquestionable and unconditional devotion of the designers; Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, have towards their brand, as well as the essence of fashion made of craftsmanship, tradition, passion and creativity without bounds.



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