Insight Vacations is a Trendsetter in Culinary Travel

Travellers looking to indulge in regional flavours in Europe can join one of Insight’s many premium journeys where epicurean experiences have been a key component of each itinerary. Insight has been ahead of the curve when it comes to culinary travel; and the company received the award for “Best Travel Company for Foodies” in the US at TravelAge West WAVE 2017 Awards.

Insight’s immersive dining experiences allows guests to discover countries and cultures through their taste buds: farmers and fishermen show guests how food is harvested before serving up Farm-to-Table meals; chefs demonstrate how a few fresh ingredients can be turned into delicious masterpieces during hands-on cooking classes; and locals invite guests into their homes for home-cooked meals during Dine-at-Home evenings. In 2018 guests will also be able to share meals with local hosts and other travelers thanks to Insight’partnership with eatwith, the global meal-sharing platform.

“Insight Vacations’ epicurean experiences are a true highlight of our itineraries,” said Evon Ler, President of Insight Vacations (Asia). “These authentic meals and excursions are specially curated so travellers can taste regional flavours, learn the culture and history of the places they visit, and enjoy wonderful companionship with other like-minded individuals who enjoy culinary travel.”

Here are 10 of Insight’s many exceptional culinary experiences:

Photo Credit : Insight Vacations

Photo Credit: Insight Vacations: Oyster Tasting in Croatia

  1. Oyster Tasting in Croatia: During the ‘Country Roads of Croatia’ journey, travelers accompany Tomislav to his floating barges and watch him harvest oysters straight from the sea. They then sample the freshly shucked mollusks with a squeeze of lemon and a glass of crisp local wine.
  2. Innovative and Locally Sourced Dishes at Ireland’s Iconic Ashford Castle: On the ‘Irish Elegance’ itinerary, travelers dine at the magnificent 800-year-old Ashford Castle where creative cooking and local ingredients reign supreme. An après-dinner walk around the stunning grounds provides the perfect end to the meal.
  3. “Dine-at-Home” Dinner in Sarajevo: On the ‘Eastern Capitals and the Dalmatian Riviera’ journey, guests are invited into a Sarajevan family’s home for a Dine-at-Home dinner. They’ll savor authentic Bosnian cuisine and hear inspirational stories about the beautiful city’s resilient people, rich culture, and wonderful traditions.
  4. Pasta Making with Chef Lorenzo in Orvieto, Italy: At a restaurant in the medieval heart of Orvieto, guests on the ‘European Dream’ journey learn how to make fresh pasta by hand during a live cooking demonstration by Chef Lorenzo Polegri. His passion for Italian cuisine comes through as guests savor the delicious flavors he creates.
  5. Introduction to Greek Cooking in Olympia: While on the ‘Treasures of Greece and the Islands’ itinerary, guests join a local chef for an entertaining cooking demonstration, then savor regional Greek specialties in a fun-filled, flavorful dinner .
  6. The Art of Strudel-Making in Budapest: On the ‘Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna and Prague’ journey guests visit a traditional strudel house and see pastry chefs at work stretching the dough and readying the fillings, then enjoy a delectable taste of this famous delicacy paired with rich, aromatic coffee.
  7. Traditional Basque Pintxos in San Sebastián, Spain: On the ‘Mediterranean Journey’ guests wander through San Sebastián’s Old Town, the hub of the town’s social life, then enjoy some of the best pintxos in the region. This Basque gastronomic staple is similar to tapas and pairs well with the local Txakoli wine.
  8. Cornish Coast Experience in Britain: Guests visit a Cornish fishing village during the ‘Best of Britain’ journey and enjoy a Farm-to-Table Celebration Dinner at the edge of Dartmoor National Park that includes fresh, locally sourced seafood.
  9. Paella Demonstration in Valencia, Spain: Valencia is home to one of the world’s greatest dishes, paella. While on the ‘Highlights of Spain’ journey, guests meet the chef at a local family-run restaurant in the heart of the Old City and learn the traditional recipe for paella during a cooking demonstration. Next they savor the delicious flavors of this classic dish with a glass of sangria during a Highlight Dinner.
  10. Dine-At-Home in Portugal: On the ‘Country Roads of Portugal’ trip guests journey through rolling, vine-laden hills to Quinta de Marrocos, home of the Sequeira family. There they learn about the family’s passion for wine making, and join them for a farm-to-table dinner of food freshly prepared from locally sourced ingredients and served with wine from the estate.


Book before 28 February to enjoy 10% early payment savings and additional US$400 per couple (for trips from US$3,500) and US$200 per couple (for trips below US$3,500). Guests can also enjoy S$88 cashback when they book an Air France/ KLM flight to Europe together with their Insight Vacations trip. Check with your travel agent or visit for more information.


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