Award-winning Cantonese restaurant Jiang-Nan Chun is inspired by Jiang Nan, the paradise-like region of southern China whose cities are celebrated in the famous saying, “Born in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou, eat in Guangzhou.” while “Chun” which means spring, completes the restaurant name and radiates the promise of renewal, growth and pleasure associated with the season.


Interior of Jiang-Nan Chun includes fish-traps (ceiling top) used in catching fish back in the days.

An experience at the restaurant indulges your senses in the beauty of Jiang-Nan through elegant interiors, evocative furnishings and through exquisite gastronomy while embodying the concept of Xiang Le Zhu Yi or “the principle of enjoyment and happiness”, where only the most exalted flavors, premium ingredients and special preparation are used to seduce the palate. Indulge like an epicure with authentic chef-crafted dim sums, nutritious double-boiled soups and its one-of-a-kind signature Peking Duck roasted in a mesquite wood-fired oven and served with caviar, paired with a premium selection of wines.


Wall featuring containers to hold the fishes when they were caught in the net.



There are several large private rooms, with big round table. Excellent choice for group dinning.


Usher in a prosperous and abundant Year of the Dog with sumptuous delicacies and specialty menus from award-winning Jiang-Nan Chun, specially crafted for family or business festive feasting!

Lunar New Year Takeaway Treats (January 15 –  February 13, 2018)

Jiang-Nan Chun presents a range of sweet and savoury Lunar New Year delights, perfect for family celebrations or festive gifting.

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng 年年有余庆丰收



Fresh salmon slices comes with the Yu Sheng for dine-in. Smoked salmon if you takeaway.


Toss  to  good  fortune  with  the   restaurant’s  signature  Yu  Sheng,  a  bestseller  that  comprises  an appetising mix of interesting ingredients including smoked salmon slices, crispy vermicelli, fried sweet potato strips, preserved papaya, beetroot, shredded radish and pomelo, complemented with a homemade dressing of plum sauce and pineapple paste.


“Three-head  quality”  abalone (SGD  64.20nett per  order), recommended to add-on to the Yu Sheng



Japanese surf clams (SGD 32.10 nett per order), recommended to add-on to the Yu Sheng


Available for takeaway at SGD 104.85nett (small portion), SGD 147.65nett (large portion).

Additional accompaniment options include “Three-head  quality”  abalone (SGD  64.20nett per  order), Bird’s  nest   (SGD  64.20nett  per order), Japanese surf clams (SGD 32.10nett per order), Smoked salmon (SGD 21.40nett per order), Crispy fish skin (SGD 17.10nett per order), Crispy silver fish (SGD 17.10nett per order) and Crackers (SGD 6.40nett per order).




Traditional Favourites


Homemade Pineapple Tarts 四季黄梨酥                SGD 40.65nett


Coconut 'Nian Gao'.jpg

Coconut Nian Gao 椰汁年糕                           SGD 40.65nett

Carrot Cake w Chinese sausages.jpg

Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausages 腊味箩卜糕         SGD 40.65nett


To place takeaway orders, guests can contact the Festive Desk at: (65) 6831 7253 or email: It is recommended that orders are placed one day in advance, and the last pre-order date for takeaways is February 12, 2018.


Festive Dining at Jiang-Nan Chun (February 1 –  March 2, 2018)



We tried the Lo Hei menu, selection of their recommended dishes and part of their Chinese New Year menu. Serving size various depending on the number of pax dining.

Lo Hei Menu



Prosperity Salmon, Abalone and Surf Clams Yu Sheng 鲑鱼, 鲍鱼, 北崎贝捞起

Salmon Yu Sheng is available for CNY dine-in and takeaway at $98(small) and $138(large). Additional accompaniments (eg. surf clams) are priced separately per portion.



Roasted Kurobuta Pork Belly with Honey Glaze 果木黑豚叉烧

Available during CNY, in à la carte menu ($29 per serving)

and 6-course set menu ($168 per person or $988 per table of 8 persons).

Also available in regular à la carte menu ($24 per serving).

Greenhouse Tomato in Plum Sauce 冰梅温室番茄

Only available during CNY, in 6-course vegetarian set menu ($108 per person).

Deep-Fried Prawn with Sliced Almond and Crispy Rice 酥炸奇脆虾球

Available in CNY, in à la carte menu ($16 per person)

and 6-course set menu ($138 per person or $1368 per table of 8 persons).

Also available in regular à la carte menu ($14 per serving).


Double-Boiled Pork Ribs Soup with Sea Whelk, Maka and Dried Scallops 海螺玛卡炖排骨汤

Available in CNY and regular à la carte menu ($38 per person).


Wok-Fried Boston Lobster in Black Bean Sauce 广东式炒波士顿龙虾

Only available during CNY, in à la carte menu ($38 per person)

and 6-course set menu ($218 per person).


Sautéed Kai Lan with Homemade X.O. Chilli Sauce X.O.酱炒芥兰

Available during CNY, in à la carte menu ($26 per serving). Also available in regular à la carte menu ($22 per serving).


StirFried Glutinous Rice with Sakura Shrimps and Preserved Sausages 樱花虾腊味糯米饭

Available during CNY, in à la carte menu ($16 per person).



Hot Cream of Almond with Glutinous Rice Dumpling 杏仁茶汤圆

Available during CNY, in à la carte menu ($16 per person)



Coconut Nian Gao 椰汁年糕 & Pineapple Tart 四季黄梨酥

Only available during CNY for takeaways (till 13 February) at $40.65nett per box.


Guests  can  expect  an  exquisite  dining  experience  in  a  classy  setting  at  this  highly acclaimed Cantonese restaurant. Celebratory set menus featuring a lavish selection of delicacies are available at SGD 138, 168 and 218 per person for 6 courses, and range from SGD 988 per table of 8 persons to SGD 2,088 per table of 10 persons for 8 courses.

Highlight signature dishes include Deep fried chicken, Wok fried Boston lobster in black bean sauce, and Braised six-head abalone with dried oyster and black moss. Guests can  enjoy the restaurant’s signature Yu Sheng served with raw salmon slices for dine-in only. A 6-course vegetarian set menu at SGD 108 per person is also available.

For  dining  reservations,  guests  can  contact  Jiang-Nan  Chun  at:  (65)  6831  7220  or  email:


Lo Hei Banquet Packages (February 1 –  March 2, 2018)

Celebrate in style with  sumptuous menus  set  against a  backdrop  of  luxury  in  the hotel’s  elegant ballrooms. With a promise of personalised and  dedicated service,  the hotel’s  experienced  Catering team will take care of the smallest details for a memorable experience.

7-course set lunch menus start from SGD 988 per table of 10 persons, and 8-course set dinner menus start from SGD 1208 per table of 10 persons. Guests also have the option of individually plated 7- course set menus from SGD 123.80 per person for lunch and from SGD 130.80 per person for dinner.

For banquet and catering enquiries, guests can contact Director of Catering, Young Meng Wen at (65)

6831 7211 or email:

Jiang-Nan Chun Welcomes New Chinese Executive Chef Tim Lam

With over 24 years of culinary experience in prestigious Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, renowned Cantonese Chef Tim Lam 林漢添 has recently taken the helm of Jiang-Nan Chun.

With a keen eye for perfection, preference for seasonal ingredients and a taste for the finest quality, Chef Lam is no stranger to accolades, having taken part in a string of culinary competitions around the globe. In 2014, he was awarded a gold medal for creativity by the International Exchange Association of Renowned Chinese Cuisine Chefs. In July 2015, Chef Lam was promoted and transferred to Ying Restaurant at the Altira Macau. Under his leadership and creativity, Ying restaurant was awarded One Michelin Star in the 2017 Hong Kong / Macau Michelin Guide.

Born to a family of chefs and raised in Macau, Chef Lam has been following his passion for creative cooking since he was 14 years old. Chef Lam shares, “At a young  age, I knew being in the kitchen was my calling as it allows me to convey my passion for food while showcasing my culinary skills. I am especially excited to embark on a new journey with Jiang-Nan Chun as its principle of enjoyment and happiness is exactly what I hope my guests will experience when savouring my dishes.”

“We  are  very excited to have Chef Lam on our team in Singapore. We are certain that with his leadership in the kitchen, Jiang-Nan Chun will continue to elevate guests’ dining experience and push the boundaries of Cantonese fine-dining in Singapore,” said  Giovanni Speciale, Director of Food  & Beverage and Culinary Operations at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.


Prices stated are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST for dine-in, and includes 7% GST for takeaway.



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