The Utopian Anti-Aging Formula That Renews The Youthfulness Of Your Hair


What betrays your age? Hair is definitely ranked alongside to your skin. The face and skin is often the first to be taken care of when it comes to aging and the hair is often regarded as secondary.

It is more than hair loss and gray hair that defines hair aging. Hair aging actually happens at both the level of the hair shaft and the follicle. Many internal and external factors contributing to this aging. Internal factors such as genetic or hormonal, whereas external factors such as UV radiation, pollution, tobacco, diet, and rhythm of life. Oxidative stress, made worse by a number of these external factors could play a determining role in the premature aging of hair.

Some main signs of hair aging include thinning and loss of density in the hair as the roots become weaker.  As time passes, hair becomes dull, fragile, and devitalized, hence losing its buoyancy and suppleness, and is harder to style. One will also notice that the hair turns gray and whitens as catalase becomes rarer and melanin production reduces. Lastly, the production of sebum reduces causing the scalp to dry out, making the hair fragile during the growth stage.

In a nutshell, hair aging is characterized by thinning, dry, damaged and devitalized hair. PHYTO recognizes the main signs of hair aging and developed PHYTODENSIA to rejuvenate one’s resplendently youthful hair.

It’s too early to look your age, you should look like how old you feel instead! Here’s how you can stay young – follicularly speaking; PHYTODENSIA.

The PHYTODENSIA range consists of a Plumping Shampoo, Fluid Plumping Mask and a Plumping Serum, a hair care ritual created specifically for hair losing its beauty over time.

Brimming with unique powerful botanical active ingredients, PHYTODENSIA offers complete anti-aging properties to restore the opulence of younger hair. To combat the effects of hair aging would demand action against the hair substance. The active ingredients used possess exceptional potent restructuring power the restores the hair substance’s strength and vitality through the hair fiber and the scalp.

Vernonia (Revitalizing properties)

Harvested by hand in the high plateaus of Madagascar, Vernonia extract is filled with regenerating properties and combined with a vitamin-rich   peptide   that   stimulates   hair   growth.   This   unique ingredient invigorates the scalp and revitalizes the beauty of the hair.

Grape Extract (Youth-protecting and anti-oxidant properties)

Enriched in polyphenols with strong antioxidant properties that optimize the protection of hair roots against external aggressions. It is one of the best ingredients that promote the growth of vibrantly healthy hair.

Hyaluronic Acid (Intensely hydrates)

One of the beauty buzzword that retained the test of time and a must- have in one’s beauty regime. Hyaluronic Acid’s ability to penetrate the core of the hair fiber, where it will contribute to retain water, and boosting the volume of the hair.

Acacia Collagen (Strengthens and protects)

It  coats  and  envelops  the  hair  forming  a  protective  film  against external aggressions.  Composed  of  oligosaccharides  and  proteins with   hydrating   properties,  it   leaves   the   hair   with   extra   body, suppleness and radiance.

Milk Thistle Extract (Promotes Suppleness & Shine)

Grown in the Mediterranean basin, the decoction of milk thistle fruits reduces the loss of water and acts as a conditioner. The hair is regenerated, shiny and supple.

Vernonia and grape extract help restructure the scalp and creating a conducive environment conductive to promote hair growth that is full of vitality. Hyaluronic acid and acacia collagen act synergistically to enrich the formula to plump and coat the hair fiber. The milk thistle extract softens and brings radiance to the hair.

A breakthrough that reverses time, PHYTODENSIA, created specially for thinning and devitalized hair, giving renewed youthfulness for hair.


200ml, S$45


The first step in the hair care ritual that gently cleanses the hair and creates a remarkable light lather. With every wash that targets the scalp and the capillary fiber to restore volume and youth, it leaves the hair light, soft and voluptuous. This sulfate-free lightweight shampoo has a sensuous feminine fragrance with the fruity notes of pears and peach flowers, made sophisticated by musk and vanilla.

  • Revitalizing and fortifying action on hair
  • Leaves hair light, soft and voluptuous
  • Protects and revitalizes hair




175ml, S$85


A light mask infused with restructuring active ingredients leaving hair voluptuous, revitalized and full of body. The coating mask is used after shampooing, the hyaluronic acid and acacia collagen infuse into the hair fiber recharging and shields the hair cuticle, transforming the hair bringing body and volume to it.

  • Restores and plumps for youthful-looking hair
  • Weightless volume and bounce
  • Coating action on the hair fiber
  • Protects and revitalizes



PLUMPING SERUM (The Anti-Aging Star)

30ml, S$65


The ultimate star with an ultra-high concentration & ultra-high performance is a non-oily fluid serum that stimulates the scalp by delivering the dual action active ingredients leaving hair stronger and more resilient, brimming with radiance.

This fortifying elixir works like a booster from the roots up to transform devitalized hair is recommended to be used three times a week after shower on dry or damp scalp. With every use, hair begins to look resplendent.


  • Restructuring and fortifying action
  • Stimulates the scalp, for more resilient hair, full of vitality
  • Strengthens hair structure
  • Protects and revitalizes


Revive the vitality and radiance of your hair’s youth today with PHYTODENSIA.




Alès Groupe is a France-based company engaged in the production of hair care, skin care products and perfumes. It creates, formulates, manufactures and sells across the world prestige skincare, hair care, fragrances, and professional color, under the brands LIERAC, PHYTO, PHYTO SPECIFIC, CARON, and SUBTIL. With its own Research and Development laboratories and prioritizes the use of natural ingredients derived from the plant world, the company is able to deliver and meet the needs of professionals and consumers around the world.




Created in France in 1969 by Mr Patrick Ales, PHYTO’s philosophy is to use the best plant ingredients to create healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Built on a heritage of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological advancements with over 50 years of innovation, PHYTO is beloved by celebrities and consumers alike. Using the secrets of nature, PHYTO products have been clinically proven to deliver results, successfully treating every scalp and hair conditions such as hair loss, dandruff, sensitive and oily scalps, damaged, dry, curly and frizzy hair, helping many transform and grow from a healthy scalp.

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PHYTODENSIA range is available at the following stores:

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Tel: +65 6884 5182

Robinsons The Heeren

260 Orchard Road, Singapore 238855

Tel: +65 6735 8838

Robinsons Raffles City

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