Inspiration is what makes creation powerful.
Inspiration is at the genesis of Dom Pérignon and guides its creative ambition.
An ambition which strives towards harmony as a source of emotion, in which its aesthetic and sensory values are played out: precision, intensity, touch, minerality, complexity, completeness; a way of embracing and grasping the note.
Dom Pérignon’s aesthetic ideal is a quest. Always refined, often within reach, but never completely achieved.
All creative processes have their constraints. Dom Pérignon’s constraint is the vintage.
Dom Pérignon can only be produced from the harvest of a single year.
Dom Pérignon’s creative legacy is this reinvention of its work with each vintage.
From one vintage to the next, the process is fine-tuned and new tensions are generated. 


Dom Pérignon shares this creative approach with creators from other disciplines, inviting them to explore new territories, with the possibility of transcribing aspects of Dom Pérignon in an unsuspected way.
Among previous great artists are Marc Newson, Karl Lagerfeld, David Lynch, Jeff Koons, Lang Lang and Iris van Herpen.
This year, Dom Pérignon and the Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka have come together in a collaboration that unveils a distinct facet of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009.


Inspiration is the instant when my vision is revealed, when I feel powerfully driven to give that vision form in a wholly new and personal way. It is the feeling, it is the force, the folie that takes possession of the creation.”

Tokujin Yoshioka




The year 2009 began with unfavorable conditions that lasted for some time. A harsh winter, a rainy spring. Happily, August was perfect. In September, we harvested magnificently mature, flawlessly healthy fruit – the raw materials that would be transformed into Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009.” Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave Dom Pérignon


Born at the close of a prodigiously sunlit, generous decade, in a year of intense light and heat, the vintage 2009 of Dom Pérignon is a solar champagne. To the eye, to the palate, it transmits a luminous vibration, almost intangible, yet forcefully present. A champagne of living light, it explodes into infinite colors, inspiring a wave of radiant emotions.


The energy and the beauty of light is what deeply drives Tokujin Yoshioka’s work, and what led Dom Pérignon to discern a kindred spirit in this unique artist.


Richard Geoffroy remembers: “the artistic affinity Tokujin shares with Dom Pérignon was evident to me from our first encounter. As we tasted the champagne, he instinctively expressed a strong connection with the solar character of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009.


As Tokujin Yoshioka confirms, “Light is the bridge between our shared aesthetic ideals and creative values. And as it happens, the notions of light, transparency and brilliance are especially relevant for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009.”



Tokujin Yoshioka’s expression of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 – the luminosity of the year that is the soul of the champagne – is embodied in an artistic object, and on the shield of a limited edition coffret and bottle.


The masterpiece: Prism

Tokujin Yoshioka presents Prism, a crystal installation that pays homage to the singular nature of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009. As a celebration of light, this scenography is composed of three crystal blocks that embrace the champagne bottle at its center. From the dark center of the piece, light radiates outward, passing through transparent glass surfaces which refract the light and bring it to life in a spectrum of colors.

The artist explains that when tasting Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009, he felt the champagne as being the memory of light.


The limited edition:

As an expansion of his crystal installation, Tokujin Yoshioka reinterprets the Maison’s emblematic shield as a force emerging from the dark glass of the bottle: its vibrating energy and shimmering iridescence generate a dimensional, hologrammatic presence. In this powerful rendering, the shield evokes the sensory experience of tasting Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 in all its light, its colors and emotion.


This new interpretation of the shield is reprised on the coffret along with the artist’s signature.


Dom Pérignon empowers artists to reimagine its iconic codes through the lens of our personal aesthetic. For me it has been an inspiring and exhilarating experience,” says Tokujin Yoshioka.


Prism will be made-to-order by Baccarat – the oldest and greatest crystal manufacturer – and available via Dom Pérignon Private Sales.

The Dom Pérignon edition by Tokujin Yoshioka will be available only in a limited copy for end-of-year 2017 in selected retail.





Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 brings a prodigious decade to a close: solar, insolent, generous. The grapes reached a level of maturity that will not be easily surpassed. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 is so singular, the fruit is majestic.


The Seasons:
The year began with unfavorable conditions that lasted for some time.

A harsh winter was followed by a mild and rainy spring. Flowering turned out to be difficult, and the threat of mildew was high.

Storms  in  July  raised  fears  for  grapes’  health. 
 August,  however,  was  perfect.  Weather  was uninterrupted hot and dry, right up to the harvest, with the unfortunate exception of a hailstorm on

September 4 in Hautvillers, Verzenay and Chouilly.

The harvest began on September 12th  in idyllic conditions. The fruit was magnificently mature and flawlessly healthy. The Pinot Noir grapes showed surprisingly little color.


The Nose:
Notes of guava and spicy green grapefruit zest combine with stone fruit: white peach and nectarine.

The wine opens up, with the whole complemented by woody vanilla and warm, lightly toasted brioche.


The Palate:
The fruit is majestic: ripe, fleshy and profound.

Beyond the richness, and a certain voluptuousness, a strong impression of consistency prevails.

The wine’s power is remarkably restrained. The various sensations – silky, salty, sappy, bitter and briny

– converge and persist.






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