Named after the Spanish Constitution of Cadiz signed in 1812 on Saint Joseph’s Day, the cosy restaurant focuses on presenting accessible and traditional Spanish tapas, dishes and drinks that truly highlight the country’s diverse produce in a casual atmosphere. La Pepa is also home to a “mercado”—a Spanish-style gourmet grocer—where guests are able to buy ready-to-eat products and drinks to replicate the restaurant’s varied food and drink offerings.

“We want to showcase Spain’s bounty through our food at the restaurant. The owners and chefs have personally sourced all the ingredients and products used, and have built steadfast relationships with the artisanal producers who make these ingredients,” says Philippe Bolomey, Director of La Pepa. “We hope to be able to present a slice of authentic Spanish flavours from all over the Iberian Peninsula to the Singaporean diner in a fun and cheery space. We would like for our guests to think of us as a place to have lunch, coffee, after-work drinks and dinner no matter the occasion. It’s also where our diners are able to buy the ready-to-eat ingredients and products that they can take home to recreate or get inspiration from our dishes.”


Inspired by the traditions of family friends based in Alicante, Spain, the restaurant-bar focuses on delicious bites that are perfect for any group size. They have designed a thoughtful menu where diners are able to order individual portions of food, or get sharing platters of paella that feed up to four guests. Adopting true Spanish traditions, La Pepa also offers single-serve portions of tapas like Spanish Tortilla, Albondigas and Patatas Bravas, for each alcoholic drink ordered during happy hour.

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Start with light and refreshing dishes like Ensalada Pepa, a garden salad with heirloom tomatoes, manchego cheese, fresh mandarins and Spanish Marcona almonds. The star of this dish is the thinly-shaved mojama, Spanish air-dried and cured tuna loin that is a specialty in Cadiz. The mojama, which earned its reputation of being “jamon of the sea”, adds a distinct and punchy brininess to the salad, giving it a savoury edge. It is topped with Marcona almonds from Spain and Valencian mandarins. It is dressed in sherry vinaigrette using the produce available from the Mercado.


Boquerones en Vinagre: Spanish white anchovies are cured in vinegar and olive oil. Best eaten on its own, these white anchovies come drizzled with Spanish olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Pan Con Sardina Ahumada: a classic Spanish tapas, cured smoked sardines come atop Cristal bread from Barcelona. The bread is spread with grated roma tomatoes and are a perfect way to start the meal



Mushroom Croquetas ($8): classic mushroom croquetas come with thyme and is fried in a crunchy panko crust. The mushrooms in these croquetas are porcini and white mushrooms

Jamon Croquetas ($12): the moreish jamon croquetas use serrano ham, as well as a béchamel that has been cooked with jamon broth. It has been fried with crunchy panko crumb.



Pollo al Horno ($22): baby chicken from France has been steamed in a vacuum-sealed bag before it has been oven-roasted. The extremely tender and flavourful chicken—stuffed with rosemary, lemon and thyme—is paired with Mojo sauce that is native to the Canary Islands. Mojo sauce comprises olive oil, volcanic sea salt, Palmera peppers, garlic, paprika and spices like cumin



Arroz Negro (Paella) ($30): this classic paella dish contains jumbo tiger prawns and local clams, as well as aioli that dot the prawns. The bomba rice has been slowly cooked in a nora pepper and squid ink-infused stock, creating a satisfying and moreish mouth feel


Paella de Carne ($28): a classic meat paella that is packed chockfull of chorizo, pork ribs and judiones. Judiones are a type of large and meaty white bean from Leon, Spain. The paella, which has been made with bomba rice, is slowly cooked until it achieves an al dente texture. The stock base for the rice include nora pepper, saffron and chicken/pork bones.


Cuajada con Miel ($12): A lesser-known Spanish dessert, this is made with fresh cow’s milk sourced from Lim Chu Kang. The light and refreshing dessert is set with rennet, rendering the consistency like panna cotta. The dessert is topped with seasonal berry compote and eucalyptus honey.



Churros con Chocolate ($10): A staple Spanish dessert, these churros are lightly coated in cinnamon sugar and comes with rich dark chocolate dipping sauce.


Aside from Spanish beers, ciders, wines and digestifs, the buzzy bar also stirs up Seasonal Sangrias, with an option of white or red sangria. Made using Spanish wines and seasonal fresh fruits, the sangrias are completely customisable—down to the desired sugar level.



For those looking to recreate the restaurant’s recipes at home, the space is also home to a well-curated “Mercado”, or gourmet grocer, with ready-to-eat Spanish products. This includes a list of beers, wines and ciders, as well as Spanish jams and preserves; olive oils; vinegars; cured and preserved vegetables and seafood; and dried goods like rice and nuts.

La Pepa is truly a destination to eat, drink, shop and be merry. Diners are able to sample Spain’s varied cuisine, using ingredients that are flown in directly from the source, which are exclusive to the restaurant. La Pepa seeks to present a snapshot of authentic Spanish culture in the convenience of Singapore’s CBD.


Mon–Fri | 12–late
Sat | 6:30–late
Sun & PH Closed
Make a Reservation

(65) 9830 0908
10 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069251

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