Christmas Inspiration With Hitachi

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Get inspired with Hitachi ‘must-have’ luxury-tech home appliances Christmas wish list!

With the latest advanced technology and the trust that comes with a 100-year reputation for reliability, Hitachi home appliances are the ultimate choice for luxurious home.



Top of the list of ‘must-have’ home appliances is a new refrigerator! One can find their perfect fit from Hitachi’s range of refrigerators that come in a range of sizes to fit in any space, anywhere.

Featuring Hitachi’s latest invention; Stylish Bottom Freezer, a sleek and classy refrigerator with eco-friendly features. Refrigerators consume the most energy in a home as it runs daily for 24 hours, thus it is best to choose an eco-friendly one. You will also be helping to conserve the environment and saving money at the same time!


Designed with inverter technology and a dual fan cooling system, the Stylish Bottom Freezer provides exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while adjusting cooling power. Together with an Eco Thermo-Sensor, efficient low power cooling is provided through microcomputer control. The dual fan cooling system enables optimum cooling of the freezer and refrigerator compartments, something a single fan is unable to do so. The two fans quickly and effectively circulate the cold air provided by powerful inverter operation.

Constructed to be super energy saving, the refrigerator controls how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, it assures no wasted energy. Hence, it has acquired world top class energy saving ratings. It is stabilizer free and the temperature in the freezer compartment is maintained to keep food fresh up to 12 hours in the event of a power cut.

The list of amazing features goes on with its Hybrid Freezing technology. Thanks to the aluminum plate, items freeze rapidly, reducing drip during thawing, so flavour is also retained. This also brings delicious cooking results!

The freezer compartment is also equipped with a deep and large case for easy storage of big items. The refrigerator compartment is fitted with a sliding shelf for easy access and enables efficient reach for items at the back, storing items have never been so easy and organized.

If you have not been sold yet, the Stylish Bottom Freezer has a Selectable Mode Compartment with a “Select Lever” which allows you to adjust the temperature in each compartment by switching between the “Vegetable” and “Dairy/Meat” modes. How convenient and multi-functional can this refrigerator get? Its vegetable compartment is also designed to ensure indirect cooling, maintaining the optimum moisture level for your vegetables.

Other intelligent features of the Stylish Bottom Freezer include:

  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Nano Titanium Filter
  • CFC-Free & HFC-Free
  • Bottle & Wine Shelf (Large enough for 1.5L bottles)
  • Adjustable Door Pockets
  • Tempered Glass Shelves (Holding up to 100kg each)


Hitachi Stylish Bottom Freezer Model R-BG410P6MSX (Net Capacity: 330L) comes in three colours; Gradation Gray, Glass Black, and Glass Beige, is retailing at S$1,299.



Next up on the wish list has got to be an upgrade on your washing machine! Having an efficient washing machine keeps your clothes from damaging and last longer.

Always unable to decide between getting a front load or top load washing machine? Hitachi has it all covered!

Featuring Hitachi’s Made in Japan Front Load Big Drum Washing Machine, designed and made with the finest Japanese workmanship and cutting-edge technology. This is not your ordinary washing machine as it gratifies your pursuit of extravagance and exquisiteness by offering the ultimate in functionality, innovative and contemporary design.

Adding this washing machine to cart gives you a dryer as well. Yes, you heard it right, this is a washing machine and dryer all in one! It promises to save energy and water as well as reduce the time one has to spend drying and ironing clothes. Combining groundbreaking technologies developed exclusively by Hitachi Auto Self Clean, Heat Recycle Drying, Wind Iron, and Steam Iron – the 10kg washing machine forms one intelligent system that brings unparalleled convenience to users.


Auto Self Clean


Day after day of washing, dirt, such as sebum, detergent residue, bacteria, germs and black mold spores will gradually accumulate in the tub. Consequently, the dirt and stains will affect clothing quality and cleanliness. Drum cleaning agents and powder are the common approaches one will resort to believing that the problem will be resolved once  the  drums  are  washed.  However,  over  time,  some  stubborn residues are exceptionally difficult to remove.

To tackle this common household woe, Hitachi developed an innovative technology – the Auto Self Clean feature. Taking advantage of the rotation of the tub, the Auto Self Clean technology allows washing machine to automatically clean itself. It removes 99% of germs and prevents mould growth in each washing. Simply switch on the Auto Self Clean setting and it automatically washes away dirt from the outside and bottom of the stainless-steel tub, as well as the inside and bottom of the outer tub.


Heat Recycle Drying

Electricity usage is reduced during each wash with the Heat Recycling Drying feature. In Heat Recycling Drying, heat is recycled from the Main Motor, Jet Fan Motor and Eco Vent. Heat generated by the Jet Fan Motor is reused to power the high-speed airflow while simultaneously used as hot air in the dryer. Air warmed by the Main Motor and heater enters the Eco Vent that is set along the drying pipeline. The warm air is then used for drying.

Wind Iron

Incorporated to bring convenience to its user, Hitachi’s original Wind Iron technology smoothens out wrinkles after washing and drying, so that clothes can be worn directly out of the drum; saving time on ironing. The widened drum allows clothes to move freely when drying to prevent wrinkling, while the high-speed airflow of about 300km/h generated by Jet Fan Motor stretches out the remaining wrinkles.

The light and gentle finish provided during each wash prevents clothes shrinkage or change in form due to heat, through low heat drying with temperature of clothes at about 60°C and below. This further ease one’s worry while washing their beloved clothes.

Steam Iron

The washing machine also comes equipped with the convenient Steam Iron feature that carries the dual-function of reducing wrinkles and odour at the same time. The Steam Iron can smooth up to 1kg of dry clothes that have been worn, hung or kept for a long period of time in one load. Used together with the Wind Iron, wrinkles on clothes will be reduced. Operating on warm Steam Spray temperature with added deodorizing effect, clothes can be worn right from the washer.

Other intelligent features of the MIJ Front Load Big Drum Washing Machine include:

  • Wide Circulation Shower
  • 3D Sensor Control Wash
  • Direct Drive Inverter
  • Hot Wash 2-Way Circulation Pump

Hitachi  Made  in  Japan  Front  Load  Big  Drum  Washing  Machine  BD-SG100AJ’s

(Washing Capacity: 10kg, Drying Capacity: 7kg) pricing to be advised.





Prefer a top load washing machine instead? Hitachi’s latest Dynamic-Steam Wash comes in just 590mm width from 10kg to 14kg. You now need not worry about space to fit your washing machine.

Hitachi combined smart human-friendly designs, advanced eco-conscious technologies and quality materials to accentuate your everyday life. The Dynamic-Stream Wash is loaded with a list of amazing features – Auto Self Clean, Powered Inverter, Dynamic Wide Shower, and 4-Step Penetration Wash.

Auto Self Clean

The Auto Self Clean feature is known as ‘The Tub Stain Fighter’ for its effectiveness in keeping a clean tub and not compromising your clothes quality after wash. This multi- functional washing machine is also Allergy UK Approved 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction.

Powered Inverter

Powered with an inverter control, energy is saved during washes. The tub and pulsator rotation speed can be precisely adjusted for optimum energy-saving operation when washing both small and large loads. Fitted with a 3-Step Eco Sensor, it detects the laundry amount and fabric type in three steps that enable optimum washing operations helping you save time, electricity and water. 1Applies to Inverter models only


Dynamic Wide Shower


Uniquely designed, the water from Dynamic Wide Shower falls on double the area compared to before, and with the powerful horizontally rotating water flow created by the pulsatory, your clothes are thoroughly washed. Dirt from deep fibers are effectively removed without  damaging  your  laundry  through  the  efficient circulation of a large volume of water.


4Step Penetration Wash


This washing method maximizes cleaning power achieving powerful, deep detergent performance. The detergent solution penetrates deep into the fabric and wash away even stubborn dirt and stains. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you get exceptionally clean laundry!

Other intelligent features of the Dynamic-Stream Wash include:

  • 4 Button Control (Easy operation)
  • Tangle-Free Finish
  • Glass Top Design (Tempered glass; easy to clean)
  • Sensor Lock Safety System

Hitachi Dynamic-Stream Wash series retails at:

  • Inverter Models:

▪    SF140XAV – 14kg (Metallic Silver), S$1,399

▪    SF120XAV – 12kg (White), S$1,199

▪    SF100XAV – 10kg (White), S$899

  • Standard Models:

▪    SF140XA – 14kg (White), S$1,199

▪    SF130XA – 13kg (White), S$1,099

▪    SF110XA – 11kg (Cool Gray), S$899

▪    SF100XA – 10kg (Cool Gray), S$799


Christmas Shopping At Your Fingertips!



Really hoping to get some essentials for your home this Christmas but have no time to visit the stores? Fulfill your Hitachi Christmas wish list at your fingertips!

You can browse the whole range of Hitachi products and purchase it directly from the site.

Start shopping at 

All Hitachi products are available on  Hitachi Online Store and at authorized dealers






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Tel: +65 6536 2520     Fax: +65 6536 2521



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