Royal Pavilion unveils new culinary creations by Chef Chai Ngen Kin





Housed in the upscale Park Regis Singapore hotel, Royal Pavilion serves modern yet authentic interpretations of traditional Cantonese cuisine. Under the guidance and leadership of Chef Chai, the iconic establishment has been named as Singapore’s top restaurant for several consecutive years.
The 5,000 sq ft contemporary dining venue holds up to 142 people with an additional six private rooms, and boasts an extensive menu that offers nearly a hundred gastronomic delights ranging from age-old Cantonese classics, to new and novel creations with a touch of global influence. More importantly, it pays tribute to the Cantonese’s love for hot soups, roasted poultry and seafood – traditional staples that have won the palates and hearts of the world over.


Royal Pavilion takes contemporary Cantonese fine-dining up a notch at with the introduction of newly-invented dishes, which have made it to the restaurant’s refreshed menu after months of laborious research and experimentation by Executive Chef Chai Ngen Kin.



Creations to savour

Look forward to novel dishes such as the hearty Supreme Wok-fried Rice with Grouper Fillet in Chef’s Special Sauce, formulated and made in-house by Chef Chai himself, in addition to his award-winning Spinach Fried Rice that marked the beginning of his 20-year culinary competition journey.
Those who prefer healthy light bites in the form of traditional Chinese dim sum can also tuck in to Steamed Cod Fish with Spring Onion and Coriander or Yellow Ginger Chicken Roll with Spring Onion Sauce, both delicate in textures and flavours just as they are pleasing to the eye. The chef also demonstrates his innovative flair with a Crispy Burdock and White Sesame combination that makes for a delightful midday snack or side dish.
To end the meal, nutritious sweet-and-savoury desserts such as Crispy Bamboo Charcoal with Yam Paste and Pumpkin Sauce and Black Sesame Rice Cake with Black Sugar will not fail to disappoint.


For today’s session we have the opportunity to try something new.

Royal Appetizer

Crispy Burdock with Black and white Sesame

Deep fried Burdock root.

Burdock root is a vegetable that’s native to northern Asia and Europe, though it now grows in the United States, too. The deep roots of the burdock plant are very long and either brown or nearly black on the outside.

Burdock root has been used for centuries in holistic medicine to treat a variety of different conditions. Traditionally, it was most commonly used as a diuretic and a digestive aid.


Wok-fried Carrot Cake with Royal Pavilion’s “Lao Gan Tie” Chilli Sauce

Chef Chai had experimented and found success in “Lao Gan Tie” Chilli Sauce, which is a hot chilli sauce that is highly popular in China. Made with dried prawns, fresh silver fish and chillies, this spicy “Lao Gan Tie” sauce has been introduced to the Carrot Cake, to give you a mouth-watering culinary experience. This fried chilli sauce tossed together with crispy, mini whitebait is aromatic as well as addictive. A crowd-charmer, this fried carrot cake complements your meal well.




Royal Pavilion’s Modern Premium Trio Combination

Wok -fried Hokkaido Scallop with Chef’s special sauce

Deep fried Crispy Golden Beancurd

Baked Fillet of Cod with Mushroom cheese




Double Boiled Duck with Snow Pear Soup

Snow pear soup is a light tasting and thirst-quenching soup which is perfect for our hot climate as snow pears are known for their cooling properties


Stewed Dong Po Pork Belly

Dong Po pork (东坡肉) is a Hangzhou dish which is made by pan-frying and then red cooking pork belly. The pork is cut thick, about 2 inches square, and should consist equally of fat and lean meat. The skin is left on. The mouth feel is oily but not greasy and the dish is fragrant with wine. The dish is named after the famed Song Dynasty poet and gastronome Su Dongpo.



Sauteed Prawn in Superior Chili Sauce with Mashed Fish Noodle

This is their specialty dish, right balance of sauce combine with freshly made noodle. Highly recommended.


Royal Dessert Combination

Fresh Coconut Pudding

Crispy Bamboo Charcoal with Yam Paste

The Yam paste is still hot when you bite into the crispy deep fried charcoal exterior.




Championing a legacy
Chef Chai has garnered several accolades over the last two decades of participating in culinary competitions, starting from Singapore’s historic Chen Fu Ji (now defunct) fried rice competition in 1997 where his winning dish, Spinach Fried Rice, earned him the championship title. Since then, he has gone on to clinch titles – both as an individual and as a representative of Singapore – at regional competitions including in Kuala Lumpur and Penang (Malaysia), Guangzhou (China), Taiwan, and Thailand.
The 45-year-old is known for his expert ability to layer even the most subtle of flavours, using natural ingredients such as beet root sauce to add vibrant colours to his dishes. Presently, he is in the midst of developing his own homemade series sauces to bring out the distinct nuances of his dishes.



About Royal Pavilion
Housed in the upscale Park Regis Singapore hotel, Royal Pavilion serves modern yet authentic interpretations of Cantonese cuisine, and is helmed by veteran Executive Chef Chai Ngen Kin. It was also under his watch that the restaurant has enjoyed several consecutive years of success as Singapore’s Top Restaurant (2015) according to Wine & Dine magazine, and Singapore’s Best Restaurant (2015-2017) as named by Singapore Tatler.



Royal Pavilion
Level 1 Park Regis Singapore, 23 Merchant Road
Tel: 6818 8851

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