Tempura Tsukiji Tenka | by Tokyo Sushi Academy

This is the first restaurant the Tokyo Sushi Academy is opening in Singapore, featuring Tempura and Donburi by graduate chefs from Tokyo Sushi Academy, created exclusively for Japan Food Town.

Some of the finest Japanese chef’s in the world honed their craft at Tokyo Sushi Academy, Japan’s top traditional culinary academy. The instructors at the academy are master sushi chefs who have honed their craft in top-class restaurants in Japan and abroad, sharing their wisdom and expertise, helping the next generation unlock the secrets of Japanese cuisine.

So when they opened the Tempura Tsukiji Tenka at Japan Food Town, customers have great expectation.



Marketing Manager of Japan Food Town recommended two dishes to try.

One is the current promotion till 24 Sep Sunday, Chicken Tempura & Kakiage with Egg Tendon.



The chef fried the tempura in front of us and you can see they put in effort to make sure its done right. Chicken is tasty and does not disappoint.



The TENKA Tendon is affordably priced and it comes with deep-fried tempura battered lotus, prawn, mushroom, salmon and Kakiage over a generous portion of rice. It comes with miso soup on the side too. Take note that there is only one prawn so it may not satisfy those prawn lover.


The tempura batter of the TENKA Tendon was light and crispy with a slight tinge of salt. The sauce layered over the tendon was not heavy in flavour, which accentuated the freshness of the ingredients used.


Overall while the two dishes does not disappoint, we feel we really did not have the opportunity to try out their better dishes.



4F Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

Tel: +65 6262 3245

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