PROVISIONS AT DEMPSEY HILL Singapore’s first Skewers & Claypot Cocktail Bar

Provisions is Singapore’s first Skewers & Claypot Cocktail Bar. It is the first venture of Union Bridge Lifestyle. The name Provisions is associated with the old provision shop you used to see in the 60s and 70s. They served contemporary claypots, skewers and bespoke cocktails.

Union Bridge Lifestyle is a company that operates concepts built around people. They focused on creating memories and they want everybody to have an awesome time.





While this place is known for its Skewers & Claypot, I would also recommend this place if you feel like some serious cocktail.

Highly recommended:

1-Maracatu Chryst Sourz

2-KC CLASSIC (fiesty, eccentric but always on point)

Started in Singapore as a brand in 2013 by three cachaça aficionados Maracatu Cachaça is designed for the high end, premium connoisseurs. It is the first premium
artisan cachaça to launch exclusively in Asia. While striving to become a global brand
with its heart in Brazil.

Maracatu Cachaça is made from pure sugar cane juice. Based on century old techniques, the premium spirit is handcrafted in small batches located in a boutique
distillery in Brazil. Ensuring the highest possible quality of this luxury Brazilian spirit, only 10,000 bottles are produced per year, once rested for two months in stainless steel barrels. No additives like sugar or caramel are added to the cachaça. This ensures that its taste is not altered, reflecting the most pure and authentic form of cachaça making.





3- Kaffirinha, the sinful classic and

4- Bitter Sweet.



From the food menu, we ordered their signature skewers, each seasoned differently to give you some element of surprise.

1- Chicken gizzards (chili, cumin, garlic)
2- Chicken hearts (chili, cumin, garlic)

3-Pork collar (sweet & sour)
4-Beef tendon (herbal soy braised, king oyster mushroom)

5-Beef sirloin (ketcap manis, oolong, burnt leek)

6-Pork jowl (charsiew)

7- Scallop with szechuan pepper, garlic, asparagus

These skewers are great for those who just want something to munch on while enjoying their drinks. These skewers are for sharing as well.

Many would remember the popular satay sold by street hawkers in the 60s and 70s, and having the skewers here really brings back your childhood memories.





On the menu there are side dishes you can order, not just skewers. Among them, we ordered the Oyster Omellete XXL, after learning that the XXL represents the extra large oyster used. Many would remembered the oyster omellete created by street hawkers in the 60s. In fact many would have grown up with this popular dish. It is therefore a must have on the Provisions menu.


The highlight of the night, Traditional Claypot Rice with chicken, salted fish, seasoned vegetables .

This claypot rice is cooked to perfection. Rice is still moist and not too dry. You can find chunky ingredients, and it goes very well with their in-house sambal chili.



Don’t missed out on the Har Jiong Wings (prawn paste chicken) and KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) from their side dish menu. The prawn paste fried chicken wings are very authentic. The KFC however, are modern twist to the Korean hot sauce cooking.


No meal is complete without dessert, we selected this Milo Pisang Dinosaur (banana, milo, vanilla ice cream)

Again the fried banana is a popular snacks, and Milo a childhood drinks. Combining them as a dessert is an excellent creation.



A Provision Shop in short. Provisions is all about remembering and bringing the best of the good ole’ days back. No frills, fuss free fun brought forward through the most heartfelt South East Asian hospitality.


Tel 9783 0792.

7 Dempsey Road #01-04 Singapore 249671
+65 9783 0792
+65 6250 7090

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