Meta Restaurant | A Michelin * Star Restaurant

The first thing that come to mind about Meta Restaurant, what does Meta means? Meta – meaning change, alternation, and alteration.

The restaurant serves up classic French-inspired cuisine with an Asian twist in a stylish setting by renowned celebrity interior designer Peter Tay. They transform fresh and seasonal ingredients into exciting and inventive dishes.

Familiar and comforting, yet eclectic and edgy, their food aims to please the palate and pleasure the senses.

This restaurant was recently awarded one Michelin star in 2017.

Lets check out the popular 7 course dinner menu.




Chef Sun’s heritage is synonymous with his food. While he trained and built his French and Italian foundation in Seoul, he sharpened his skills and taste by working in world-acclaimed and michelin-starred restaurants in Sydney and Singapore.

He re-invents the classics by bringing in a balance of Asian and French flavors.

We have the Summer Menu, 7 course dinning set menu.

Guest could also opt for wine pairing package.

The first three items were just canapes but they were well decorated and put together. Each piece offer unique flavor to tease your taste buds.

This is Sago chip with garlic, aioli, octopus, seaweed powder. The crispy cracker blend well with the chewy octopus bits. Delicious.


This is salmon tartare with white kimchi and black radish. A bit of spicyness


Mushroom tart with onion jam, parmesan cheese and winter truffle from Australia

This canape is my favorite because it offered truffle nicely packed in small sizes. One look you know what to expect when you put into your mouth. Yummy,


Chef offered us the supplementary dish : Irish Oyster Ginger/Lemon with Gochujang. This is highly recommended because the oyster is so fresh . Its almost like it just left the ocean and jumped onto your plate.


Officially we start on the 1st course , the BONITO with Ponzu, plum and shiso.

You cannot really tell what is underneath so we took another picture with the top removed.


Fresh slices of Bonito fish. Very refreshing start.


2nd course Beetroot with Tobiko, Burrata cheese. Its an art piece . We were surprise how well the beetroot blend with the Burrata cheese.




3rd course, OCTOPUS with XO sauce, Sunchoke, Radicchio. We are very excited to see octopus on the plate. Chef told us it was slow cooked to retain the flavor. However, its hidden underneath so we took another picture of it unveiled .



This is a bit spicy due to XO sauce, but very delicious. XO sauce is often used in Asian cuisine so this is an example of western menu with Asian touch. Yummy and Chewy.



After some spicy octopus , next course will be something light

4th Course GROUPER with mushroom , Dashi , Nori sprinkle with some seaweed powder. Some Asian touch with the powder . The grouper absolutely taste delicious. Soft, fresh, light. You can’t get enough.


5th course PIGEON with Endive, Carrot, Cherry. The Pigeon slow cooked to retain the juicy texture . Best pigeon I have had for a long time. Not easy to cook.


5th Course you can choose either PIGEON or this PLUMA PORK with Potato, Kailan, Kimchi.

The Pork was roasted to perfection. Add kimchi and kai lan , popular in Asia you get the Asian twist. Goes well together too. Great ingredient put together, Chef’s creation.


6th course is the Tropical Summer (coconut, mango, passion fruit) Another piece of art. Sweet dessert.


7th course is the BARBECUE , made with Vanilla ice cream, Gochujang, and Bacon.

Gochujang or red chili paste is a savory, sweet, and spicy fermented condiment made from gochutgaru (red chili powder). This is from Korea.

Although its a dessert dish, the Bacon sort of give you a twist. Savoury bacon goes well with the Vanilla and Gochujang. Very unique combination.


Lastly we have the Petit Four.

petit four is a small bite-sized confectionery or savoury appetizer. The name is French, petit four meaning “small oven”

The lavender macaron was surprisingly good.


Meta awarded the Michelin star this year, well deserving, because the dishes were well put together. You can tell Chef Sun put a lot of thoughts into it.  Being Asian, Chef Sun incorporate Asian ingredient while presenting the dishes in very French inspired way.

Highly recommended to go for the 7 course dinner set.


Irish Oyster Ginger/Lemon with Gochujang 9
Seafood Korean Pancake 28
Reservations: +65 6513 0898
Tuesday to Friday: 12pm – 2.30pm
(Last Order 2pm)Dinner
Monday to Thursday: 6pm – 10pm
Last Order at 9:30pmFriday & Saturday: 6pm – 11pm
Last Order at 10:30pmSunday Close

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