Maybank Family & Friends Card eight cashback categories up to 8% cashback

Key Visual

Understanding that the lifestyle of a cardmember changes, Maybank Family & Friends Card is the first to offer cardmembers the freedom to customise their cashback categories and earn one of the highest cashback amounts available in the market. With the addition of two new card designs in lilac and silver colours, new cardmembers may choose from any of the three Maybank Family & Friends card designs that most appeals to them.

Cardmembers may customise and choose five out of eight cashback categories that best suit their lifestyle, to enjoy 8% cashback with just a minimum spend of S$800 monthly. The eight cashback category choices are namely groceries, dining, transportation, data communication and online TV streaming, retail and pets, entertainment, online fashion, as well as pharmacy and wellness. In addition, all these cashback categories cover not only local transactions but also those performed globally.

Ms Karen Low, Head of Cards and Unsecured Lending at Maybank Singapore, said, “The ideal card is one that fits customers’ lifestyles and gives them the flexibility to choose what they want or need. Maybank Family & Friends is the first credit card in Singapore to give cardmembers full control over their preferred cashback categories and have a say in the card face design that they prefer. It is a card that evolves as your life stage changes. This card refresh empowers our cardmembers to customise their card, and this customer-centric approach resonates with our digitally-savvy younger customers today. By choosing what cardmembers think is the most relevant for themselves, they may find it easier to achieve the cashback amount they target.”

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