Carousel Reopens Buffet Lines Safely with Revised Safe Management Measures

Staff-served Buffet Line at Carousel's Signature Seafood Counter, Royal Plaza on Scotts

Carousel Reopens Buffet Lines Safely with Revised Safe Management Measures

Looking forward to seeing sumptuous buffet spreads once again? Carousel brings back its popular buffet lines with the easing of Safe Management Measures.

In line with the easing of Safe Management Measures for F&B establishments, Carousel is opening up its buffet lines again from 12 April during dinner. Guidelines are in place to mitigate the risk of contamination between diners and manage crowd control.

Diners can select their favourite dishes from the spread at buffet counters, with Carousel’s staff serving the food. At the buffet counters, all dishes are partitioned with sneeze guards that are frequently sanitised. There will also be one server assisting each diner per buffet line to ensure that plates are not passed back and forth between various staff members and diners.

Popular buffet counters will be brought back to the spotlight, such as Carousel’s signature seafood counter. It offers over ten types of seafood, including Seasonal Oysters, Maine Lobsters and Whole Atlantic Salmon served with Chives, Sour Cream, Honey Mustard during dinner. Watch the rotisserie warm up as one gets served some slices of tender roast chicken from the carving board. The Asian Kitchen whips up a feast by dishing out fresh roasts from the Tandoori oven, Carousel’s Signature Chicken Rice, Lobster Mee Soto and Singapore Chilli Crab with Mantous. For the little ones, they will be most delighted with return of the ice cream counter. Some of the exciting flavours to look out for on the rotation menu include Thai Milk Tea, Chendol and Soya Bandung.

The much-loved dessert gueridon trolley will continue to come around towards the end of lunch and dinner meal periods bearing colourful and tasty sweet treats of macarons and cakes. Carousel’s selection of organic teas and Lavazza coffee are available on the restaurant’s digital menu for easy ordering.

While dining, diners must wear their masks when they go around the buffet lines and maintain at least one-metre distance from others. Diners are also asked not to interact with other diners while in the buffet line.

With these new measures, buffet lines are safely moving one step closer to normal.

View Sample Lunch Menu

View Sample Dinner Menu

All prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes. Child price applies for children between age 4 and 11 years old.

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