Orchard Hotel Singapore’s award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant Mooncakes, Mid-Autumn Treasures


Mid-Autumn Treasures by Orchard Hotel Singapore’s award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant

Award-winning Hua Ting Restuarant unveils a collection of delicate mooncakes crafted to perfection by Hua Ting’s culinary experts. The Mid-Autumn collection features both customary favourites and inventive delights made with organic ingredients.

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Available from now till 1 October 2020, the delicacies are elegantly encased in tin gift boxes sporting contemporary pink and blue hue embossed with chinoiserie motifs. The premium packaging makes for an exceptional gift box and can be repurposed as a beautiful storage container.

HT Mooncake Tin Box

Exquisite Flavours

Hua Ting team has come up with various healthy mooncake options for the health conscious. For the ever popular snowskin mooncakes, Master Chef Lap Fai has implemented the use of natural flavourings, handcrafted with love and care.

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The highlight for this year is the Sour Plum with Roasted Organic Hazelnut snowskin mooncake 麦梅冰皮月饼($70 per box of 8), a healthy rendition of snowskin creation, with the sour plum complementing the hazelnut perfectly. Specially imported from Hong Kong, these sour plums are steamed and grinded for hours to smoothen the filling. Organic Turkish Hazelnuts are then baked till fragrant and mixed with the smooth filling.

Well-loved Salted Egg Custard 奶黄咸蛋迷你冰皮月饼 ($70 per box of 8) comprises a velvety custard paste studded with a savoury salted egg.

For those who enjoy a dash of alcohol in their mooncakes, don’t miss the White Lotus Paste with Champagne Ganache 白莲蓉香槟 ($70 per box of 8), a brilliant pink-hued snowskin with a champagne-filled white chocolate ganache centre amid Hua Ting’s premium white lotus paste. Or enjoy Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine陈年花雕蓝莓 ($70 per box of 8) wrapped within a lovely luscious purple snowskin, this dainty delight entices with the delicate balance of sweetness and tartness of blueberries infused with Vintage Rice Wine “Chen Nian Hua Diao”.

Featuring two of each snowskin specialty flavours, the Hua Ting Mini Snowskin Treasures 華廳迷你冰皮月饼礼盒 ($70 per box of 8) is perfectly suited for those who enjoys variety.

Signature Classics

Relish one of Hua Ting’s best-selling baked lotus mooncakes in low sugar perfected with Master Chef’s touch :

White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) 低糖夏果白莲蓉 ($70 per box of 4), White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) 单黄夏果白莲蓉 ($74 per box of 4), White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) 双黄夏果白莲蓉 ($76 per box of 4),

Nut lovers will adore our Seeds of Harmony mooncakes! The assorted nuts are soft, chewy and get more fragrant upon biting.

Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts) 招牌五仁 ($74 per box of 4) and Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds 豆沙瓜子 ($70 per box of 4).

Hua Ting’s Traditional Treasures Gift Box 精选烘培月饼礼盒 ($74 per box) which comprises of a selection of signature baked mooncakes, makes for ideal gifting to those who enjoy these perennial classics.

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Hua Ting Restaurant has its own set of exclusive seasonal teas that are named after the four seasons, including ‘Dawn of Spring’ (Jasmine Pearl with Rosemary); ‘Golden Rays of Summer’ (Raw Pu-Erh with Glutinous and Pandan; ‘Colours of Autumn Foliage’ (Szechuan Pepper with Oolong); and ‘Warmth of Winter Glow’ (Circa 2007 Imperial Pu-Erh with Red Dates and Logan). Or choose from Hua Ting’s nine premium-grade teas to pair with your mooncakes for a superior experience.

Master Chef Lap Fai is inspired to introduce the Chinese tea culture with the aim of adding a new dimension to diners’ experience, allowing the taste profile and aroma of teas to complement and enhance Hua Ting mooncakes. These fragrant teas help to temper the sweetness of the Mooncakes with its fragrance and refreshing taste.

Millennium Mooncakes by Hua Ting is available at Orchard Hotel Singapore or online at bit.ly/OHSTakeaway from now till 1st October. All prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.

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