Mid-Autumn Festival at Fairmont Singapore | Celebrate this season with a crafted collection of time-honoured classics and creative artisanal Mooncakes flavours

Group Shot - Snowskin Mooncakes


Usher in the Mid-Autumn festivities with Fairmont Singapore’s exquisite mooncake collection of traditional baked favourites and delicate snowskin mooncakes.




Caramel Sea Salt


Caramel Sea Salt 焦糖海盐
Encased beneath a soft pastel orange, this dainty delicacy captivates with an irresistible balance of sweet and savoury.


Pu Er with Chia Seed 奇亚籽普洱
A delicately ambrosial infusion, this pretty creation melds the sweetness of lotus paste with the distinct fragrance of Pu Er tea, and is laden with chia seeds for an added textural contrast



Baked Mooncake with Standard Box


For those with a penchant for nuts

Traditional Mixed Nuts 传统五仁
Relish in the earthy and nutty flavours of almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts imbued within this classic gem.



Perfect for the Mid Autumn tradition of festive gifting to loved ones and business associates, the mooncakes are presented in an elegant pastel blue box adorned with flowers and bird motifs, accentuated by luxe rose gold stamping.

The Standard Box comes with an order of 4-piece baked mooncakes or 8-piece mini snowskin mooncakes.

The Premium Box comes with an opulent chinese tea set, great for gatherings and feasting with loved ones this season.

The Two-Piece box consists of two mooncakes in these baked flavours; Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts in White Lotus Paste and Traditional Mixed Nuts.

ONE-STOP ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM – http://www.celebrationscentral.com.sg Enjoy seamless, hassle-free one-stop service with online ordering system at http://www.celebrationscentral.com.sg.


FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES Please call  +65 6338 8785 or email: fairmontsingapore.mooncakes@fairmont.com.


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