The Fundamentals of Taste | Dassai Sake Tasting by Asahi Shuzo Co Ltd held in Orihara Shoten, Robertson Walk



Kazuhiro Sakurai, President, Asahi Shuzo Co Ltd was recently in Singapore to promote their world-famous Dassai Sake


Called “The Fundamentals of Taste”, he presented Dassai signature collection. Mr Sakurai personally taking us through the nuances of each expression of DASSAI 45, DASSAI 39, DASSAI 23, DASSAI BEYOND


Before we get into the tasting, let us talk about the company that made them, Asahi Shuzo. Sales and consumption of sake, traditionally regarded as Japan’s national drink, have been in decline for some time. Part of this decline can be attributed to the tendency among younger people to drink less, together with increased sales of alternatives like beer, whisky, and wine. However, one sake brewery is enjoying success against this trend. That brewery is Asahi Shuzō, located outside the city of Iwakuni in Yamaguchi prefecture.


What is it about Dassai that is attracting consumers? The founder was a complete amateur when it came to brewing.  After struggling to find a new direction, he decided to focus on brewing ginjō-shu (high-quality sake). Until then, Asahi Shuzō had been trying to sell ordinary sake locally but had not been successful. In trying to figure out why, he realized that what consumers wanted was high-quality sake with a taste they could truly savor. Sakurai decided that his brewery needed to improve the quality of the sake they produced. That sake was daiginjō-shu (top-quality sake). In 1990, Asahi Shuzō finally succeeded in marketing a junmai daiginjō-shu made with rice milled to 50% and 45% of its original size. In 1992, the brewery launched what has become its flagship product, Dassai, made with rice milled to just 23% of its original size.

So by now you would have guessed that the numbers indicate the percentage of the rice milled to its original size, and the smaller the number, the longer it takes and thus more expensive is the sake. (DASSAI 45, DASSAI 39, DASSAI 23, DASSAI BEYOND)


Their Dassai 45 and 39 and 23 are extremely well-made sakes that drink velvety with layers of flavor, and so it is no surprise that their super secret “Beyond” project is even better then the others. Talk about a sake that is the perfect combination of feel great and taste great. Beyond is just that, it is beyond great. There are certain sakes that one should not miss in their sake drinking lifetimes and this is one of them. After tasting it for ourselves, we highly recommend it

Note the estimated price is SGD 700 a bottle and the quantity is limited in Singapore.


If you are interested please contact 折原商店 シンガポール Orihara Shoten 11 Unity St, Singapore 237995  Tel 6836 5710

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