Celebrate International Women’s Day at the Races

International Women's Day at The Races

International Women’s Day has always been a time to reflect on the achievements made by inspiring women. Celebrate successes this International Women’s Day by going the races with Ultima Horse Club. You can indulge in a private buffet featuring local and international cuisines, as well as free flow of wines and beers throughout the evening.

Ultima Horse Club is one of the largest corporate boxes at Singapore Turf Club with a VIP view to watch the race both indoors from a private balcony and up close near the tracks. There will be 8 races throughout the evening starting from 6.20pm and Ultima Horse Club’s very own horse, Mikki Joy, will be competing that evening as well. Having won its first race in Singapore on 8 February 2019, Mikki Joy earned the club SGD 45,000 that night!


Date: 8th March 2019, Friday

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Venue: Singapore Turf Club


Address: 1 Turf Club Avenue, Singapore 738078 – Level 4, Clover Corporate Box

Tickets: https://iwdattheraces.eventbrite.sg


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