INTRODUCING PLATINUM FITNESS The city’s first 24-hour premium underground gym

Platinum Fitness - Interior Image 15Platinum Fitness - Interior Image 2


Platinum Fitness, Singapore’s 24/7 and affordable premium gym opens in the heart of the city’s bustling CBD, located in the basement of OUE Downtown in Tanjong Pagar. Platinum Fitness offers all the facilities of a high- quality gym – with one of the lowest monthly gym fees in Singapore.


At Platinum Fitness members will have the luxury of choice, with the option to train alone, with a fitness trainer or even with their own external trainer of preference, who they can bring to the gym. A thoughtfully curated assortment of dynamic classes are also available, with lessons  conducted by a handpicked  team of experienced  fitness  experts. The unrivalled flexibility is further complemented by Platinum Fitness’ 24/7 gym entry, allowing members access to the studio and its facilities regardless of the day and time – ideal for night owls and early birds.


The tasteful interior features modern and minimalistic décor and is adorned with top-quality amenities and cutting edge equipment from top line cardio machines, to a comprehensive free weight  zone. An  upbeat playlist of motivational tunes evolves  throughout  the day, from laidback daytime tracks, to lively swanky evening beats.


Classes have now been launched at Platinum Fitness, introducing aGetPlatFit HIIT Class.

The Full Body HIIT session will leave gym goers with a serious sense of accomplishment. Classes run daily at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 12.30pm | 6.00pm | 7.00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10.00am | 11.00am | 12.00pm

Prices: Regular Fees

$70 – Key Card 24-hour Access

$50 – Registration Fee

$150 – 1 Month Membership

$120 – 6 Months Membership

$90 – 12 Months Membership

$35 – Single Drop-in (Non-members)

Membership Welcome Pack (Complimentary)

$15 – Lanyard

$10 – Tote Bag

$18 – Thermal Water Bottle

$22 – T-Shirt

$10 – Towel

$35 – Guest Pass

Gym Usage Package (For Trainers)

$2,000 – 100 hours x $20

$1,250 – 50 hours x $25

$900 – 30 hours x $30



GetPlatFit HIIT Class (45 minutes per class)

Monday – Friday: 12.30pm | 6.00pm | 7.00pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10.00am | 11.00am | 12.00pm

Members of Platinum Fitness can sign-up via the following platforms:

MindBody Website

o  MindBody App

o  In-person at Platinum Fitness gym

Members of GuavaPass can sign-up via the following platforms:

o  GuavaPass app

o  In-person at Platinum Fitness gym

Classes are only open to members of Platinum Fitness & GuavaPass. Non

Members can sign up for the Non-Member Trial.

Class Pricings:    

$40 – Non-Member Trial (1 Class Pass)

$45 – First Timer Trial (2 Class Passes)

$30 – Drop-in

$285 – 10 Class Passes

$540 – 20 Class Passes

$220 – Unlimited Class Passes (Valid for 30 days)


Equipment: 6 x Matrix Treadmills T7XIRF-03

2 x Matrix Ascent Trainer A7XIRF-03

2 x Matrix Recumbent Cycle R7XIRF-04

1 x Matrix Rower with basic console Rower-02

1 x Leg Extension/Leg Curl VS-S711P

1 x Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt VS-S22P

1 x Converging Chest Press VS-S13P

1 x Combo Chin/Dip Assist VS-S601P

1 x 5-Stack Multi-Station G3-MS50_7

1 x Leg Press VS-S70P

1 x MG Pro Dip/Leg Raise/Chin A63C-03

1 x MG Pro Adj Decline/Sit Up with Wheels A61-03

1 x MG Pro 45 Degree Back Extension A93-05

1 x Standing Arm Curl A71-03

3 x MG Multi-Adjustable Bench A82

1 x Pressing Chair with Wheels A87-03

2 x MG Pro 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack with Cradles A41-03

1 x CrossFit 10prs Premium Urethane Dumbbells, 2 – 20kg

1 x CrossFit 10prs Premium Urethane Dumbbells, 22 – 40kg

1 x CrossFit 10prs Premium Urethane Barbells, 10 – 55kg

1 x MG Pro Horizontal 10 Bar Rack A68-03

1 x Matrix Smith Machine MG-PL62

1 x MEGA Power Rack MG-MR47-03

1 x MG Pro Breaker Bench Press A678

1 x CrossFit Olympic Bar OB86

1 x CrossFit Olympic EZ Bar EZ34

5 x CrossFit 115kg Urethane Olympic Plate

1 x CrossFit Olympic Plate Tree

1 x Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer

1 x Matrix Krankcycle with seat

1 x Matrix Indoor Cycle CXM

1 x CrossFit Power Sled

1 x CrossFit HC 6.5B Body Composition Analyser (Scale)

1 x CrossFit Soft Plyo (Set of 4)

1 x CrossFit Fitball 55cm

1 x CrossFit Fitball 65cm

2 x CrossFit Suspension Trainer

1 x Matrix Aura Functional Trainer GS-MSFT-300

1 x Hip Abduction/Adduction VS=S74P

1 x Diverging Lat Pull VS-S33P

1 x MEGA Power Rack MG-MR47-03

1 x Land Mine Attachment for MEGA Power Racks MG-MOPT13

1 x Dip Bars MG-OPT3

1 x Mega Rack Battle Rope Attachment MG-MOPT31

5 x CrossFit NBR Exercise Mat 180x60x1.5cm

1 x CrossFit Medicine Ball Set of with Rack (1 – 5 kg)



Charlie  Temple  and Max  Johnson,  Co-Founders of Platinum  Fitness  said “We  are both extremely passionate about the health and fitness sector. Our goal is to bridge the gap for an affordable, 24/7 gym while maintaining the global benchmark of quality and experience in premium gyms. We’ve seen an increasing demand for such an offering in Singapore so we’re very excited to push the boundaries of the existing fitness scene by introducing the Platinum Fitness concept.”




6A Shenton Way, OUE Downtown




Singapore 068815



Opening Hours


Monday – Sunday: 24/7 hours


For more information, please  visit  

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