Blackwattle special five-course sake-pairing menu curated by Head Chef Joeri Timmermans

Opened by award-winning Australia Chef Clayton Wells and helmed by Head Chef Joeri Timmermans, who has most recently been the sous chef of award winning Automata in Sydney, the Blackwattle restaurant is a two-storeys shophouse restaurant serving Modern Australian cuisine. This is Chef Clayton’s first restaurant outside Australia in partnership with Unlisted Collection which run restaurants such as Burnt Ends, Esquina  in Singapore. Blackwattle is the name for some species of trees that are native to Australia.

In June,  Head Chef Joeri Timmermans curated a sake-pairing five-course menu which is simply fantastic.

Sake Pairing Dinner Menu

It started off with KID Sparkling sake :

Tasting Notes:
Creamy, pepper, lemon, coconut, spice. Brut kind of sweetness. Medium, pleasant finish; nice sake kasu texture, very food friendly, nice appearance




Uni, Caviar

The uni has a fresh ocean taste – briny and slightly mineral but not salty or
“fishy”. The flavor is mildly nutty with a slight sweetness similar to
raw scallops, the texture is smooth, wet and custard-like.


Burdock, black  garlic, red tosaka seaweed and Shiro gai , mustard, shiso

Refreshing snack which goes well with the KID Sparkling sake.


Shiitake kara-age

Shiitake mushroom is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside

We asked for some of their signature bread and butter. The soft pillowy buns (served warm from the oven) sport a perfectly crisp crust with a generous dish of hand whipped butter with chicken jus and anchovies.


1st course


Raw amberjack, lemon oil, yuzu pickled turnip, chrysanthemum

The amberjack has light pink flesh with firm, large flakes and a sweet flavor. It paired very well with the second sake.


Hakugakusen Okuetsu Gohyaku Mangoku

It has a light and delicate taste with the fruit-like aroma of apple, melon, or banana. The flavor of rice, a nutty, herby taste, is very distinct.


2nd course



Ama ebi, fennel and  ink sauce, sansho

Ama ebi, are cold water northern shrimp known and named for their sweet taste. The ink sauce adds a rich and briny flavor to the dishes. Like the best-tasting fish, squid ink tastes full-bodied and clean, with underlying hints of the sea


Banshu  Ikkon Junmai Ginjyo

This sake gives fine flavor of sweet rice taste, also provide tastes of sharpness. It pairs very well with the ama ebi and ink sauce.


3rd course



Abalone, burnt onion broth, white sesame, kinome.

The flavor of the abalone is naturally buttery and salty, thanks to the salt water in which it lives. There’s a chewiness to it, like a calamari steak. Paired very well with the next sake.


Yokoyama  Gojyu Junmai daiginjyo

Clean, soft and very subtle, the balanced aromas and a mild sweetness envelop the senses making this enjoyable on its own, or with a meal of refined cuisine.


Main course


Kagoshima A5 rib eye roll, fermented jalapeno pepper, mustard greens

Particularly good balance of fat, extremely smooth texture, and juicy flavor spreads out in the mouth. These are the unique character of Kagoshima A5, the highest quality Japanese beef.


Gyokro Asia Shinya  Nakamura Selection

Strong and powerful taste, drink with a bit of ice. Paired well with the Kagoshima A5 rib eye.



Jackfruit custard, oxalis

Jackfruit bought from the market every week, hand prepared into this delicious dessert. Paired very well with the next drink, Tsuru-Ume Yuzushu.



Tsuru-Ume Yuzushu

This Yuzushu is made with a one-year-old Junmai Sake and Yuzu juice, at a 1 : 1 ratio. This is higher than most Yuzushu produced elsewhere. The yuzu fruit is grown in Wakayama and is juiced with its peel, giving all the qualities of the fruit, sweet, sour & bitter. This example has a marvelous full aroma of fresh yuzu, with a zesty, citrus tart character and a fruit sweet and fresh finish.



The food served is not overly complicated yet the flavours are playful and creative. The décor just hip enough without being painful and the atmosphere not at all intimidating, making it ideal for first dates, business meals or simply dining solo.

97 Amoy Street
Singapore 069917
+65 622 422 32
instagram @blackwattle_sg



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