Largest Hermès Purveyor in Singapore, LuxLexicon Opens Flagship Store




Singapore’s largest luxury purveyor of Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags, LuxLexicon, is finally launching its flagship store. A trusted online reseller in the luxury consignment market, the well-loved company with a strong following on Instagram is finally unveiling its first physical showroom.


Helmed by sole founder and chairwomen Florence Low, LuxLexicon first entered the market through their Instagram platform. A strong background in boutique contract publishing, and her experience in running a luxury flash sale e-commerce website armed Florence with a keen eye for social media content, and a knack for building brand loyalty through the platform.


As demand for the bags grew amongst her private social circles, Florence eventually established LuxLexicon as a reputable and trusted purveyor of authentic Hermès handbags through Instagram. Furthermore, with the real trend of “Luxury Upcycling” on the rise, more luxury goods are given a new lease of life with their new owners. The store has since amassed over 41,000 followers on Instagram, with over 1,500 iconic Hermès handbags sold last year. Holding the single largest display of handbags outside Hermès stores, LuxLexicon offers an uparallelled selection of Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags in Singapore.


With expansive perspective and an astute eye for detail, Florence headed the bold move of expanding to a brick-and-mortar retail store. The physical showroom is designed to bring a brand-new LuxLexicon experience to customers. By offering consumers the chance to view the bags in real life, and by servicing customers face-to-face, the physical space enhances the overall retail experience for shoppers.


The new LuxLexicon flagship showroom will be housed in Centrepoint Orchard, and officially opens on 13th April 2018.


Opening Special


To celebrate the grand opening of LuxLexicon’s flagship showroom, over 20 Hermès Special Order (SO) Bi-Colour handbags have been specially curated for the occasion. An extremely prestigious privilege, an Hermès Special Order (SO) grants elite Hermès aficionados the opportunity to customise a handbag. To collectors, there is nothing more prestigious than becoming the owner of a Special Order Hermès handbag, emblazoned with the exclusive Hermès Horseshoe stamp. LuxLexicon is honoured to present the largest collection of Special Order Hermès handbags in Singapore for the first time.


Address:                      #02-20, The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843

Opening Hours:           Monday – Saturday, 10.30am – 7.00pm

Instagram:                   @LuxLexicon




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